Clinton or Trump to be First President in Over 23 Years Who Hasn’t Smoked Cannabis

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Clinton or Trump to be First President in Over 23 Years Who Hasn’t Smoked Cannabis

humWhether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump who wins the election this November, it will be the first time in over 23 years (since George Bush Sr. in 1992) that the current president of the United States has never consumed cannabis.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have stated that they’ve never once consumed cannabis, even in youth. This is in direct contrast to the past three presidents – Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and our current President Barrack Obama – who have all admitted to consuming cannabis in the past (with Obama also admitting to previously using cocaine).

Despite the fact that both Clinton and Trump have never used cannabis, both seem to be more open to allowing medical cannabis then those that came before; for example, Clinton’s campaign just announced that if elected president she would remove cannabis as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Trump hasn’t said he would make such a move, but has been quoted in the past as saying he’s “100 percent” in support of medical cannabis.

President Obama, Clinton and Bush, however, all retained cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug which puts it alongside drugs such as heroin, and although Obama has expressed some acknowledgment that cannabis is medicine, there have been hundreds of raids on state-legal medical cannabis outlets throughout his presidency (more than the number conducted under President George Bush).

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Whether it’s Hillary or Trump this November (or a miracle by a third-party candidate such as Gary Johnson, who admits to consuming cannabis as recently as earlier this year), we’ll know soon enough whether or not they will take action on reforming our nation’s cannabis laws.

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