How to Clean Your Marijuana Grinder

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How to Clean Your Marijuana Grinder

By Robert Bergman,

grinderIf you have recently decided to invest in the new weed grinder of your dreams, chances are you are enjoying using it! We appreciate that there are a lot of weed grinders on the market to choose from, but having made your choice, you will need to ensure that you keep that grinder clean and functioning beautifully at all times.  In this article, we look at the best way to keep your kit clean to ensure it grinds perfectly every time.

Clean Before First Use

This may sound a bit fussy, but like many kitchen utensils it’s worth giving your grinder a quick clean before it’s first proper use.  Wipe it down using isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and get in between the grooves with cotton bud or toothbrush.  Once it’s clean, you are good to go!

How often you clean your grinder will depend on how often you use it.  A clean grinder will work better and not stick during the grinding process, plus you get the additional benefit of recycling the residue you collect every time you give it a good going over.

A two piece grinder can be cleaned easily without the worry of loosing residual kief. Metal grinders are hardy enough to be cleaned using rubbing alcohol, whereas ceramic ones may fair better using regular detergent and hot water to prevent clouding or weakening of plastic surfaces. So keep this mind before embarking on your cleaning regime.

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Ready to get started?

Before you start to clean, have your kit in order.  You will need:

  • Paper plate for collecting plant matter from the grinder
  • Access to a freezer
  • Toothpicks or cotton buds
  • Clean, dry toothbrush
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Large glass container
  • Paper towels or clean dish rag
  • Hairdryer

Once you have your kit in place, you are now ready to start the cleaning process

First off, collect your kief!

Before you start applying some elbow grease to get your grinder clean, spend some time working on releasing any plant matter that has become lodged in the sides and the teeth of the grinder.  You can do this best by placing the grinder in the freezer for around 30 minutes, then by shaking the grinder vigorously. Gently tap each part and shake out over your paper plate to collect the detritus that comes loose.

Cleaning the Grinder Screen

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The screen of your grinder is a delicate piece of equipment and should be treated with care.  Using a clean toothbrush, you can gently rub over the collecting area to release any loose particles.  Any particularly stubborn bits can be cleaned off during the final parts of the cleaning process, so don’t scrub too hard at this stage so as not to tear or dent to screen material.

Final Cleaning Steps

 Your grinder is almost as good as new!  Just time to fill your glass container with rubbing alcohol to disinfect and ensure a thorough clean throughout. Submerge all the pieces of the grinder into the solution for at least 20 minutes.  When the time is up, gently clean round any stubborn pieces of detritus with a cotton bud, and check carefully to see that all nasty bits have been removed.

Finally, rinse each of the pieces under hot water and place on a paper towel to let them dry. Be sure to blot any excess water from all of the parts of your grinder, and if you want to speed the process up, give them a once over with your hairdryer.

And voila!  Your grinder should now look as good as new, and be fully operational once again.  For more advice on how to look after your grinder, or recommendations on which grinder works best for you, visit our friends at

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