Chubut Legalizes Medical Cannabis Oil, to Integrate it into Healthcare System

chubutThe Argentinian providence of Chubut has become the first jurisdiction in South America to legalize the medical use of cannabis after Governor Mario Das Neves signed legislation into law.

The new law will allows those with epilepsy and “other pathologies that the provincial health minister deems appropriate” to use low-THC cannabis oil for medical purposes. Hospitals will be supplied with the medicine for use when necessary, and medical cannabis oil will be covered as any other medication under the health plans of all public employees.

“Without a doubt this going to bring people closer to this medication that reduced the number of seizures in epilepsy patients from 60 episodes to two to three per week and of a lesser intensity,” said Legislator Gutavo Fita, the bill’s primary sponsor.

The new law was approved unanimously by the Chubut Legislature.

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