Choosing the Best CBD Oil Products for YOU

Choosing the Best CBD Oil Products for YOU

So, you have been doing some research on cannabidiol (CBD)?


Maybe checking out some sites like or looked up the best CBD pills in the UK? Terrific! (Seriously, what did we do before the internet?)


You know that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in cannabis that has medical effects but does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counter the psychoactive effects of THC. It is extracted from the stalks and seeds of all-natural hemp or marijuana plants. Our products, and any sold legally in all 50 states, are extracted solely from the seeds and stalks of imported industrial hemp plants.

Delta Extrax


Research shows that CBD can be beneficial in supporting our overall health and well-being and that it offers specific health benefits by keeping our bodies in a neutral state. “Neutral” means different things in specific areas of our bodies. Neutral in our hands may mean reduced inflammation, neutral in our heads may mean reduced anxiety, etc.  So, we have an idea of what it does and where to find more information. The natural next question is “how do I take it?” Luckily, there are many options.


Tubed Oil


Tubed oil is really the most basic and cost effective of options for adding CBD to your health regimen. Cannabidiol is extracted with CO2 from the seeds and stalks of industrial hemp plants. It’s then put into an oral syringe for ingestion. Serving sizes start from a grain of rice 1-2x per day and can easily be increased once you determine what the best serving size is for you. Generally speaking, there are three different variants of tubed oil.

  • Raw – This is as close as you can get to the plant growing from the ground. The processing is minimal and there will be plant matter, terpense and cannabinoids in the tube.
  • Decarboxylated – This oil has been heated up and some of the plant matter filtered out, strengthening the CBD and removing some of the other cannabinoids.
  • Filtered – This oil has gone through additional rounds of filtering to pull out all of the plant matter, bringing the oil from a thick green paste to a gold gel. The taste has changed as well, from an earthy flavor to more of a peppery flavor.


If you’re taking a tubed oil, just eject your desired serving size on your finger or a spoon and place it under your tongue. Hold it there as long as you are comfortable: 30-60 seconds is great. There are capillaries under your tongue and this step allows your body to absorb some of the compounds without going through all of the work of digestion.


CBD Capsules


Capsules are another easy way to add CBD to your vitamin regimen. We are used to taking capsules already – and these aren’t any different. They may come in a powder or softgel form and the amount of cannabidiol will be on the package label, allowing you to modify for your needs. The serving size isn’t quite as flexible as a tubed oil, but they are very simple to take and are a solid option if you are someone who really does not find the tubed oil to be palatable. The only other downside to this method is that your body does have to go through the digestion process to begin to use it, so you won’t see the benefits quite as quickly as something that is held under the tongue.




Tinctures start with the base oil, generally raw or decarboxylated. A carrier oil such as olive, MCT, or coconut oil is used to “hold” the CBD and then flavorings are added to make it more palatable. Tinctures come in all different flavors, from vanilla to mint and even cinnamon. You do have to ingest more of the liquid to get the same serving size as a tubed oil, but it’s a great option for someone who does not find the taste of the raw oil manageable. Again, it’s user friendly with a spray or dropper top that allows the product to be placed under the tongue. Many different concentrations of CBD are available in tincture form.


CBD Edibles


CBD has been added into many other non-traditional foods as well. You  can buy CBD chewing Gum link to, which have a starburst consistency and a fruity or cinnamon flavor. The version that we sell also contain caffeine for an energy burst. You can also get CBD in chocolate, water, and chewing gum to name a few. These products are generally very easy to consume and tasty, but they are not especially cost effective for someone who is adding CBD to their daily regimen. We would recommend them as a “starter” or “occasional” product.


CBD E-liquid


In addition to being consumed orally, CBD can be ingested through your pulmonary system. A traditional e-cigarette can be used with a CBD e-liquid. The CBD e-liquids that we carry only contain CBD, flavor, and a carrier oil – a VG/PG blend or Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract link to MCT oil. The cannabidiol in these products is used from an isolate form (ie. powdered extraction of CBD). This base product is more heavily processed, but can have the THC filtered completely out so that you have a 0% THC product rather than the 0.3%-0.5% that you may see in a product that starts with the oil base. This may be a great option for people that are taking other prescription meds and do not want to further tax their livers or digestive systems. There are a wide variety of delicious flavors and strengths to choose from.




One method that really differs from the rest are topicals – those products intended to be used externally on our bodies. CBD can be wonderful for sun-burns, bug bites, and any type of skin inflammation or muscle soreness. This product category is not intended to be consumed and will contain other oils and herbs that aid in absorption into the skin or the healing process. We carry a variety of specific topicals including diaper cream (back to that skin inflammation assist), tattoo balm, and a pretty fantastic facial serum. Don’t eat these; just use them to love your skin. There are a wide variety of price points and product strengths available.


Check out Green Wellness CBD Buying Guide to find out more about all the different types of hemp products available online.



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