CBD Wax — What’s in It and Why You Should Be Using It

By Paul P.

What’s in a CBD concentrate? Ever wondered or cared to explore the curative side of dabbing?

The cannabis plant is known to have two primary cannabinoids, THC and CBD. Cannabinoids are organic compounds found on the cannabis plant, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound responsible for the “high” you get when smoking cannabis. CBD, on the other hand, is known for its therapeutic properties allowing it to provide comfort to people experiencing long-term pain and anxiety — even those trying to cope up with depression. CBD can be viewed as the healthier, restorative side of cannabis consumption since CBD is now mainly used for medicines to treat patients who experience nausea after undergoing chemotherapy, it’s also used to treat eating disorders amongst people who are with AIDS/HIV as well as to cure patients with glaucoma. CBD can be used in a lot of applications especially in the medical field, with all its medicinal benefits sometimes you’d wonder how good is CBD to the recreational consumer?

Well, we’ve tried using high CBD concentrates and here’s what we found out.

It’s Good for Daily Use

Unlike THC concentrates, CBDs are good for everyday use — allowing you to function normally without that extramundane experience. CBD wax concentrates will provide you that sense of calmness without the psychoactive high. Even if you’re not in it for its pain-relieving attributes CBD wax will help you relieve stress and will let you enter a whole new realm of focus. Contrary to using THC concentrates, we’ve found that using CBD wax improves one’s productivity – going back into my experience, I realized that CBD is the perfect material to hit on during the day. Whether you’re working in the office or if you’re just chilling at home, CBDs will give you that mild sense of euphoria without the hard-hitting high.

Our local dispensary carried a 250mg CBD dab wax and it surprisingly gave accurate doses of CBD every single session. What’s good about CBD wax is that it isn’t only good for dabbing or for vaping using your favorite vape (like the Yocan Evolve Plus — a personal favorite), but it can also be mixed with beverages for a more discreet means of CBD consumption. bearing in mind that CBD won’t exactly get you high I dropped a blob of CBD dab wax into my daily tea and was surprised that it rather felt like I drank coffee. The overall experience felt like I was drained of everything that was distracting me and it gave me the capability to focus on a single task at hand – hooray for CBDs on Mondays.

It’s Fast Acting

CBD, especially when smoked or vaped, can have extremely fast acting results. Inhaling CBD allows your lungs to directly absorb these natural compounds and shoot them immediately straight into your bloodstreams. That’s why inhaling cannabis provides both medicating patients and recreational users the fastest results from their favorite strains. With proper methods of ingestion, the CBD compounds from your select concentrates can instantly travel through your bloodstreams and into your brain immediately where it can do a great deal of relief to help patients with their medical conditions, and for recreationalists, a calming and soothing effect to help them focus and go about their stressful day.

Consuming edibles will allow one to experience the effects of both cannabis’ THC and CBD compounds in about 20 to 30 minutes after digestion with a mild and subtle upshot while inhalation allows you to feel a stronger result in as fast as 5 to 10 minutes. That’s why for people who seek immediate and instantaneous relief from pain and queasiness, using vaporizers like the Yocan Vaporizers, are probably one of the best and safest means of CBD delivery.


We’ve used CBD wax concentrates for a week, we looked into several aspects of CBD consumption and here are our final thoughts.

Vaping, smoking, edibles – Which is the best for CBD consumption?

Considering the fact that CBD is consumed mainly because of its therapeutic properties, we’ve all agreed that vaping is still the best way to consume high CBD concentrates. To begin with, inhalation is faster than digestion and vaping is better than smoking. Vaping was designed to allow users of vaping devices to enjoy the same sensation as smoking without its potential health risks. Vaporization eliminates the process and the results of combustion altogether; inhaling smoke can pose some serious lung-related health concerns which completely makes inhaling CBD (through smoking) counter-productive for medicating consumers – you take (inhale) CBD because you want to get well and not because you want to get lung cancer.

Vaping delivers CBD fast while keeping your lungs healthy at the same time. Vaporizers like the ones made and manufactured by Yocan are easily one of the best choices for CBD users since they make for inexpensive yet effective vaporizers for CBD wax concentrate administration.

Are concentrates better than loose-leaf materials? 

High CBD wax concentrates are oftentimes derived or are extracted from high-CBD cannabis strains. These strains can likewise be smoked like your regular joint, rolling up loose-leaf cannabis or even packing a bowl of buds. While flowers and dried herbs can sometimes be convenient and cheap, concentrates will let you enjoy the benefits of CBD, and even THC for that matter, faster than dried vegetable matter.

Concentrates are THC and CBD in its purest form, a small dab of CBD wax concentrate can go a long way and can give you lasting relief and comfort from whatever condition you’re in. For recreational users, this means that a few grams of wax will allow you to keep your focus for almost a substantial – or at the very least the most stressful – part of your day. CBD concentrates will give you the calm and composure you need to accomplish whatever herculean task you have at hand.

I personally find that CBD consumption for non-medicating patients boots one’s multi-tasking competencies. The poise and self-command I get from CBD concentrate help me with effectively switching from one task to another.

This could be a subjective conclusion and could altogether be based on my tolerance and physical reaction to CBD, that’s why we’re interested to hear about what you think about recreational CBD consumption. We’d love to hear your CBD experiences.

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