CBD Products: About All CBD Products

CBD Products: About All CBD Products

Are you interested in CBD products but are not sure what there is out there? Cannabidiol is growing in popularity and it is a trending supplement that everyone is talking about. But, if you are new to the market, it can be difficult to know what brands and CBD products you should choose. We are going to explore exactly what CBD is and some of the most common products you will see online and in stores.


What is CBD?


First of all, it is important to understand what CBD is so that you know the products you are buying. To start with, CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is a chemical compound that you will find in the cannabis sativa plant. Therefore, it is natural and many believe that it has positive health benefits. It is important to note that CBD is a non-psychoactive part of the plant. So, it is not going to encourage a feeling of euphoria or being high.


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There are a lot of suspected benefits you can enjoy from CBD products. For example, some people choose it as a natural pain relief supplement for arthritis and joint pain. It may also help those that suffer from anxiety, depression and stress. There are other advantages to CBD that require more research, such as helping with acne and even being used against the symptoms of cancer.


What CBD Products Can I Buy?


There are many CBD products out there that you can purchase depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Let’s take a look at some of them and why people enjoy those products.


Creams and Lotions


One option is CBD creams and lotions. This allows you to target a specific area of the body and some people can feel relief straight away as opposed to the time it takes when consuming CBD orally. T his is a discreet way to enjoy CBD and it can be better for joint and pain relief than CBD oil.


A 2016 study found that CBD topical cream could reduce arthritis in laboratory animals. While in 2020, a study was conducted on individuals that had nerve pain and those individuals reported an significant improvement in pain relief.


A CBD topical study in 2019  showed how consistent use of CBD cream twice a day reduced facial pain for individuals with jaw issues.



Oils and Tinctures


Another option is using oils and tinctures with CBD. These often come in a bottle and are leverage an eye dropper for proper dosing. You can apply it under the tongue or even add it to food and drinks.


When applying drops of CBD directly under the tongue (sublingually), the CBD enters the bloodstream much more quickly and the health effects are said to be more pronounced. They also don’t lose some of their value which often happens when used in edibles or when transformed in other products.


Hold the drops under your tongue for 30 seconds to a minute and then swallow for maximum affect. To see any affects, it is typically suggested to use regularly (i.e. daily) for at least a month. But make sure you follow the recommended usage by the manufacturer.


This option offers you a lot of freedom and control on how to consume and enjoy CBD.




Next, there are CBD edibles that you can purchase. This is CBD in the form of food and snacks. Namely, you will find CBD cookies,biscuits, chocolates, gummies and many other sweet treats. But, you can also enjoy drinks too. One of the reasons people like edibles is that they can eat it discreetly and enjoy the benefits.


With gummies, be aware of dosage. It is typically more difficult to manage the quantity consumed from gummies and cookies than using a dropper.




In today’s world, a lot of people enjoy vaping. Well, now it is possible to enjoy a CBD vape. It can be a quick way to enjoy the effects of CBD, with a range of options available. There are vape pens where you purchase CBD cartridges to refill, or there are also one time use disposable options.




There are new products coming out all the time infused with CBD. You can find bath bombs, beauty products like lipsticks, and even pet treats to give CBD to you furry friends.


The most important piece, regardless of the type of product or mechanism you use to consume CBD, is to make sure that the CBD was processed safely and is of high quality.


How to Verify Quality of CBD


If you’re going to spend money on CBD, make sure you’re getting good quality and your getting your money’s worth. Here are a few things to look it when buying CBD:


  • Make sure the label says “hemp extract” or “made from hemp” and not stated as “hemp seed”, “hemp seed oil” or “Cannabis Sativa seed oil”. While there could be other oils for flavors, or as a carrier oil, make sure that hemp extract is listed as an ingredient.
  • Make sure the product is tested by a 3rd party lab and that they manufacturer shares the results on their website. A recent study stated that 31% of the products have inaccurate label. So make sure you compare the tests done to the labelling to ensure the testing was done on the product you are purchasing
  • If you are consuming full or broad spectrum CBD, then a list of cannabinoids should be clearly labelled
  • Look for customer ratings and feedback. Never buy products with poor customer feedback and ratings/




CBD has come a very long way over the past decade. While more and more scientific support and research is coming out around the positive effects of cannabinoids, many users are finding relief for their ailments through this miracle products


But like any products, don’t take the hype at face value. Do your research, understand what you’re buying, seek medical advice and monitor your body as you consume CBD. And finally, fine the best way to consume CBD for your to make potentially remarkable changes to you health

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