CBD Cream for Treating Pain

CBD Cream for Treating Pain

An increasing number of nations are legalizing marijuana for medical use due to its many benefits. According to a report by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the CBD component of cannabis may be useful in reducing inflammation and pain. CBD cream comes from mixing the cream with extracts from CBD. Since CBD is available in powder or oil, it is possible to use it to make creams that people apply topically on the skin.

The primary medical reason for using CBD cream by most of the users is to manage pain. The findings of one cannabis study show that when you treat adults suffering from chronic pain with CBD, they report a significant decrease in pain.

CBD cream for Arthritis Pain

A source indicates that approximately 350 million people all over the world have arthritis. This large number shows that it is impossible to overlook arthritis pain. Some researchers investigated the effect of CBD cream for arthritis pain using animal models. The researchers used lab rats and infected them with arthritis, then applied CBD topical cream. The findings of the study show a drop in both pain and swelling.

People who use CBD topical cream for arthritis experience relief from pain. Patients need to apply the cream on joints or any parts that they are feeling pain and rub it in for at least three times every day.


Back Pain

After a long day of work that includes bending, sitting for long hours or using the computer, it is common to experience back pain. Back pain is a common health condition that can hinder one from achieving daily tasks. Instead of going for pain medications that come with a lot of side effects, one can go for CBD cream. It will lower the inflammation by reacting to receptors in your back and leave you feeling better.

A study concluded that CBD cream helped to reduce pain in patients that did not respond to back surgeries. What makes this treatment alternative even better is that you can combine it with other pain relief strategies, including yoga or physical therapy.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Pain

MS is an illness of the spinal cord and the brain that eventually leads to deterioration or permanent damage to the nerves. MS causes imbalance, spasticity, and muscle weakness, which in turn lead to pain. For example, a person with this condition can experience leg spasms in their sleep. CBD cream can help alleviate this pain. One research article showed that CBD cream reduces pain, and this improves mobility in people with MS.  You can use the cream by rubbing it on the affected area to relieve pain.


Although eczema is naturally not painful, patients often experience an itchy feeling on the skin and may cause them to scratch the skin, which leads to the development of painful sores. One can soothe eczema symptoms by applying topical CBD creams on affected areas. CBD cream mainly addresses the itching that causes pain, and using it twice a day for about three weeks will yield positive results. However, for eczema patients, it’s imperative that they do a patch test before applying CBD infused cream on the affected area. Generally, it is impossible to overlook the huge role of CBD cream in dermatology due to its overreaching anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.


What Mechanism Does CBD Cream Use to Treat Pain?

Although there is still inadequate information on the mechanism that CBD uses to treat pain, what we know is still promising. CBD is one of the main components of the cannabis plant that doesn’t cause one to feel “high.” It is famous for its medical benefits.

The human body has the endocannabinoid system with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This system is responsible for many body functions, including pain, sleep, and response to an immune stimulus. When you apply CBD cream, the CBD content reacts with these receptors and stop the body from absorbing a compound that causes pain.

Similarly, CBD interacts with brain receptors by desensitizing the receptors responsible for causing pain. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that enable it to alleviate the pain when it reduces swelling. Therefore, getting this dosage will help to manage any of the above pains. The good thing is that even small doses produce tremendous effects. Creams work better when used topically on the skin. However, make sure you consult a doctor to ensure that you are using the right dosage for maximum effect. In addition to this, if you’re suffering from sleeplessness and insomnia, the famous cornbread strain is the right choice for you.


CBD cream is a good option for addressing joint, bone, and skin pain. With the properties that CBD has, it’s no doubt that CBD cream is promising in alleviating pain. With just a little amount rubbed on the skin, it provides healing effects. It is why it is useful for treating arthritis by rubbing it on the affected area. Besides, one can use it for multiple sclerosis pain, back pain, and eczema. There are many varieties of topical CBD creams in the market. For people who have been suffering from pain for long, you can try out the best quality CBD cream for pain for great results. It is imperative to consult a doctor to determine the best cream that will meet your needs.

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