CBD and Dogs: Is It Healthy For Them?

CBD and Dogs: Is It Healthy For Them?

Many dog owners are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) as a solution to help relieve symptoms of pain, anxiety, and old age. But how safe CBD products are for your dogs and what benefit do these products hold for dogs? 


We know that CBD is generally very safe for human consumption, so today we want to tackle how CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) impacts your dog’s health. Let’s get right into it. 


What is CBD?


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CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical that comes from cannabis and hemp. Alone, CBD does not create the same psychoactive effects as it’s cousin, THC, but the two are often combined for medicinal purposes. This is why CBD is considered so versatile — you can choose how much THC is in each dose. 


THC is the chemical in marijuana that produces the high effect. Combined with CBD, it has less of a high effect and more of a “feel good” vibe. 


For animals, the effects are just a little different than when a human takes it. 


What Are The Benefits of CBD On Dogs?


Many dog owners are thrilled with how CBD has helped their dogs cope with pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and appetite loss. 


Using CBD For Your Pup’s Pain Relief


As dogs get older, they begin to experience several medical conditions that can leave them in pain or discomfort. In fact, it can help all of the following: 


  • Hip and joint pain
  • Appetite and digestion
  • Inflammation relief
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Itchy Skin
  • Seizures
  • Muscle spasms 


Some research trials revealed that dogs get pain relief from several medical conditions after taking CBD. It helps relieve arthritis symptoms and pain from past injuries, especially when combined with proper limb support such as vitamins, doggy ACL braces, elbow braces, or back slings to help strengthen their older muscles. 


Which Form of CBD is the Best for Dogs?


CBD for dogs comes in oils, soft chews and even in CBD dog treats. Oils are the most potent and great for medicinal use because you can control the dosing and it is easily absorbed in your dog’s mouth! 


It should go without saying, but never try to get your dog inhale fumes from a vape or joint. Fumes can be extremely detrimental to your dog’s health and can lead to an overdose (with too much THC). 


Furthermore, do not give your dog edibles that aren’t meant for them! Companies make CBD treats that are specifically made for dogs. All of the ingredients should be safe for them and the dosing will be healthier. Stick to those! 


You can also expect a few side effects from CBD, such as:  


  • Dry mouth/increased thirst
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Drowsiness


Choosing the Right THC Range


If you have decided to use CBD to treat your dog’s pain, you should consider what kind of CBD they need. 


As we mentioned above, CBD can have THC in it. The higher the amount of THC, the more psychoactive effects it will produce, and the more potent the results. In dogs, this can be a little tricky because too much THC is a bad thing! They are a lot more sensitive to THC than humans are. When in doubt, talk with your vet before giving them any CBD! 


The common ratio of THC to CBD ranges from 20:1, 1:1, and 1:20. THC is always the limiting factor when dosing! A good starting point is 0.2-0.6 mg THC per 10 pounds of body weight, up to twice daily.


CBD- Dominant Mix


CBD dominant oils and treats are generally considered safe for dogs. They can have no THC in them, or very little – as lost as 0.3%. However, always check the label just to be safe! These mixes are great for relieving pain, inflammation, and helping with mobility. It may also help improve your dog’s appetite! 


For CBD oil or treats without any THC, you can start with 1-2mg for every 10 pounds of your dog’s weight. For example, a 50lbs dog could take 5-10mg, up to twice daily. 


These will be the most common on the market, as too much THC can be lethal for your pup. We’re going to go over the types of CBD too, just so you can understand the difference and why to avoid them. 


Balanced CBD to THC


Even ratios of CBD to THC product is 1:1. Some dog owners have reported improvements in their dogs when used to treat mild to moderate pains such as arthritis and back pain. 


However, this can be too much for your dog’s system to handle! A good rule is to dose 0.05 milligrams per pound of your pet’s body weight, as much as twice daily. 


If you notice any of these side effects, you should contact your vet: 


  • Urinary incontinence
  • Cooler body temperature
  • Excessive salivation
  • Changes in heart rate
  • Loss of coordination
  • Wooziness


THC-Dominant Mix


Avoid these, especially if you’ve never tried CBD treatment for dogs before. HIGh THC content can produce negative side effects and can produce a “high” state for your dog. This is never a good thing and should be avoided by all dog owners. 


The main goal of using CBD for dogs is to ensure they get relief from their symptoms while maintaining their normal pattern and behavior. 


Tips on Giving Your Dog CBD


Several dog owners noticed improvements in their dogs’ health thanks to CBD products. While there are ongoing studies to prove CBD products’ effectiveness on a myriad of medical conditions affecting dogs, many dog owners are more than ready to give it a try. Here are some tips you can use as a guide:


  • Inform your vet of your decision to give your dog CBD products
  • Conduct your own research to find the right brand, dosage, and type for your dog (oil or edible treats)
  • Do not exceed the correct dosage 
  • Make sure it’s only for dogs and not for humans!


Finally, keep in mind that CBD isn’t the only option for your pup. If you’re not comfortable with it, then find something that works for you and your pup. After all, their happiness and health are the most important things! 



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