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Introducing Ganjaman Go, Pokemon Go for Cannabis Consumers (In-Game Photos Released)

Have you been interested in playing Pokemon Go, but don’t aren’t interested in Pokemon? Well, there’s now a new cannabis-related option for you; Ganjaman Go (in-game photos below). According to Green Rush Daily; “Instead of catching Pokemon, this game lets you use your phone to catch different strains, weed-themed characters, and even different types of …

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NASA Discovers Planet Covered in Cannabis, Scientists Shocked

NASA announced recently that they have discovered a planet completely covered with cannabis, which has taken scientists by surprise. Planet X637Z-43, discovered using NASA’s Kepler satellite and located exactly 420 light-years from Earth, is allegedly one of just a few planets close to ours that is potentially habitable, according to NASA experts, who have detected …

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How to Make a Joint Filter

Joint filter.

By Drew Jameson, Green Rush Daily Joint filters, they’re a controversial subject among joint smokers. At first glance, a “filter” would seem to imply removing some of the ingredients from the weed smoke, leading to a less potent hit. On the other hand, filters provide unmatched benefits in terms of rolling and smoking a J, …

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