70% In Florida Support Legalized Medical Marijuana

New polling shows that a vast majority of those in Florida, 70%, support legalizing medical cannabis. Only 24% are opposed.

The poll, released today and conducted by the firm Hamilton Campaigns, found that even Republicans had 56% support for such a change.

People United for Medical Marijuana.
People United for Medical Marijuana.

These numbers are sure to be a huge boost to continuing efforts by People United for Medical Marijuana, an organization collecting signatures for a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. They’ve collected around 100,000 signatures thus far, though have to reach roughly 683,000 to qualify for the ballot.

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New Poll: Majority in Kentucky Support Legalizing Hemp, Medical Marijuana

Last week Kentucky’s Senate voted, 31-6, to approve legislation that would legalize hemp in the state. This is after their Senate Committee on Agriculture voted unanimously to put it to a full Senate vote.

bildeKentucky’s U.S Senators, Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnel and Rand Paul, have publicly endorsed the measure, while simultaneously working on federal legislation to end hemp prohibition.

Kentucky lawmakers are also consider legislation to legalize medical cannabis.

Now, lawmakers can rest assured that they have the clear majority backing of their constituents.

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Reminder: 81% of Americans Support Legalized Medical Marijuana

Support for cannabis law reform is increasing drastically. Half of all Americans support recreational legalization, victories in Colorado and Washington have pushed the issue further into the mainstream, and legislation is being filed across the country to put a halt to this ridiculous prohibition on cannabis.7878545medical-marijuana-rx

As we move towards full legalization, it’s easy to forget that roughly 80% of all Americans support cannabis being legal for medicinal usage.

This is an incredible consensus on an issue that many people, and most politicians, still consider controversial. Getting 80% of Americans to agree on anything, better yet a switch from a substance being completely prohibited to allowed as a medicine, is rare, to put it lightly.

This is why it’s vital for supporters of reform to never forget about these numbers and the backing we have. We should never allow politicians to get away with ignoring this issue or playing it off as a political third wheel.

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Majority of U.K. Residents Support Legalizing or Decriminalizing Cannabis

53% of residents in the U.K. support legalizing the production and supply of cannabis, or at the very least decriminalizing its possession. This is according to polling released today, conducted by Ipsos MORI, one of the nation’s top polling firms.

The poll was orderemarijuana-england-ukd by the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, a registered charity that considers itself “UK’s leading centre of expertise on drug policy reform”.

The poll also found that 67% support the “government commissioning a full independent review of drug policy”, which includes examining the impact of legalizing the supply and production, and decriminalizing possession, of other illegal drugs.

This comes not long after the country’s Home Affairs Select Committee called for a review of U.K.’s drug policy, requesting a royal commission to consider the decriminalization of all illegal drugs.

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56% In New Hampshire Support Legalizing Cannabis Like Alcohol

According to new polling conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, 56% of those in New Hampshire support legalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis, which would be sold and taxed through state-run liquor stores. Only 39% oppose this idea, with just 5% undecided.

This comes at a time when state lawmakers are considering House Bill 492, which would eggrolllegalize cannabis in the state.

In addition to recreational cannabis legalization, an overwhelming majority was also shown to be in support of legalizing medical cannabis. A resoundingly low 14% was in opposition, with 79% being in support

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New Poll: Majority Of Americans Want Feds To Lay Off Legal Cannabis

According to a new poll administered by the respected Reason Foundation, 72% of Americans believe that the federal government should not arrest people who use cannabis in states that have voted to legalMarijuana_Tourism_02256ize it, such as Colorado and Washington. On top of this, 68% feel that the federal government should leave growers alone in these states, and 64% oppose the feds going after those who are selling legally under state law.

The poll, which asked a plethora of questions, most unrelated to cannabis reform, found that 53% believe that cannabis should be treated the same as alcohol.

The poll surveyed 1,000 adults, and has a 3.8% margin of error.

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