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Election 2018: A Complete Guide to Cannabis on Next Month’s Ballot

By Bruce Barcott, Cannabis legalization goes before the voters in a number of states on Nov. 6. This year’s highlights: Michigan and North Dakota will decide statewide measures on the legalization of adult-use cannabis. Utah and Missouri will consider medical marijuana legalization initiatives. Other states will consider smaller reforms or advisory measures, including Ohio …

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New Video Game Navigates the Complex World of Cannabis Legislation

By Tiffany Rowe Announced this month, Weedcraft, Inc., is a tycoon simulation game not unlike mega-popular games SimCity, Zoo Tycoon and even Stardew Valley, in which players build businesses from the ground up to international, wildly successful corporations. What makes Weedcraft, Inc., different is its digital product: cannabis. In the game, players strive to run a …

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CBD Vape Oil: A Beginner’s Guide.

By Joseph C. CBD vape oil is currently exploding across North America. CBD is already legal in all fifty states, and the 2018 Farm Bill is up for a vote in Congress this year after being fast-tracked to the voting committee back in April. Should it pass – and hopefully it does — Hemp-derived CBD …

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CBD And The Endocannabinoid System

By Cyrus P. The uptake and use of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes has more and more become mainstream. In the US alone, cannabis is legal in ten states for recreational purposes and twenty nine states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. CBD, a compound of the cannabis plan, is …

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CBD Oil: Essential Things to Keep in Mind About How They’re Produced

By Aqib R. We’ve all seen it: the CBD oil has become more and more popular in such a short time, and more and more people get to understand its benefits – it’s really good for our health! People use it to treat their anxiety, pain, psoriasis and seizure disorders – and that’s just the tip …

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Is Marijuana Legal in Maine

is marijuana legal in maine

Is marijuana legal in Maine? Maine is one of nine states that have legalized marijuana. Here’s some more details. Maine voters legalized marijuana In 2016 Maine voters passed Question 1, legalizing marijuana for everyone 21 and older. 50.26% voted in favor. Portions of the law took effect on January 30, 2017, allowing for the possession …

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Pepsi Looking Into Cannabis Beverages

PepsiCo’s Chief Financial Officer Hugh Johnston has announced that the company is looking into the possibility of developing and releasing cannabis-infused beverages. “I think we’ll look at it critically”, Johnston told Jim Cramer and Sara Eisen last week on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, noting that he’s “not prepared to share any plans that we may have in the …

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The 10 Most Popular Ways to Consume Marijuana

discount tire

By Phillip Smith, The stereotypical picture of marijuana consumption is someone toking up buds in a joint or bong, but as weed comes out from the shadows and into the legal marketplace, entrepreneurs are busily concocting all sorts of pot products. From vape pens to concentrates to edibles, drinks, tinctures, and even creams and …

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CBD Oil – Can it really Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

By Merin M. Apart from psychotropic drugs, nicotine is considered one of the most addictive substances that afflict people around the world. According to the National Institute of Health, cigarette smoking proves fatal for one out of five Americans. Each year, almost 87 percent of fatalities occur due to lung cancer and 30 percent, due to …

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The Top 5 Cannabis Smoking Methods

Smoking Methods

There are many cannabis smoking methods, but these five stand above the rest!   #5 – Pipes The pure efficiency and practicality of pipes easily put them above other smoking methods not on this list (knifers, fruit, etc.). However, its simplicity (which is both a blessing and fault), and the fact that hits can be harsher …

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