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Cannabis And Alzheimer’s Treatment The Benefits And Challenge

By Tim H. Cannabis has been seeing increased use as medical treatment. Medical cannabis has been used to treat nausea caused by cancer treatment, pain relief, the treatment of neurological ailments such as multiple sclerosis, and increasing appetite when needed. Testing is also showing signs that cannabis prevents Alzheimer’s. Let’s take a closer look at …

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10 Most Important Cannabis Studies Release in 2018 So Far

Even though it’s far from over, 2018 has been a stellar year for cannabis research. Here’s a look at the most important studies released so far. Hundreds of cannabis-related studies have been released this year. A huge amount of these studies came to the conclusion that cannabis is beneficial in a wide-range of medical ailments, …

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Herbal Vape Pen Vs. Smoking Weed – The Differences

By Alex M. Vaping weed is the process of slowly and precisely heating up your weed so that the active components of the bud (THC, CBD, and etc.) are released in the form of vapor without actually burning the herb itself. Unlike smoking your dry herb where temperatures are unregulated and combustion takes place, vaping …

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5 Common Health Conditions You Can Treat with CBD Oil (Infograph)


Using Your Bong as a Dab Rig

By Jimmy Louise Many people like having specific equipment for different smoking styles. This is especially true for those that enjoy dabbing concentrates. The vapor produced by wax, shatter, or oil allows for a more flavorful experience. Most dabbing enthusiasts own a dab rig designed specifically for using concentrates. For those who are considering entering …

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Introducing, the Best CBD Beauty Products by Enflower

By Tran H. A new craze has hit the market, Enflower is on a mission to enhance holistic medicine with all-natural CBD beauty products! Mixing natural ingredients with CBD infusions is the all new way to enrich your life, there’s now products that double the benefits of any normal beauty product. Enflower has the best …

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The Top Reasons Why Weed Is Made For Women

By Zoe D. Marijuana is growing in popularity as more states across the country legalize it for both medicinal and recreational purposes. It’s not only men that are starting to smoke more often. Women are also smoking more frequently and aren’t shy about letting the world know it either, especially when it comes to female …

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Dispensary Marketing Agency Foottraffik Locks Up 33% of Washington Retail Market

By Guillermo B. Foottraffik CEO Shares Its Proven Strategies for Cannabis Dispensaries Foottraffik, one of the industry’s leading cannabis dispensary marketing companies, is making quite a footprint in Washington state. Using publicly available market data from 502data, Foottraffik calculated the aggregate revenue of its impressive Washington state client list to find that its clients’ sales represent …

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The A-Z’s of THC: Facts About Recreational Cannabis

By Paul P. The cannabis industry is now at its peak, thanks to the growing support for the legalization of marijuana in the past few years. Because many see a window of opportunity in pushing for the legalization of cannabis in most states as a therapeutic herb, most turn their focus on CBD – cannabidiol …

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Oklahoma, the Fourth Most Conservative State, May Soon Become the 30th to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Oklahoma is one of the most conservative states in the U.S., but tomorrow it may become the 30th to legalize medical cannabis. According to Gallup, Oklahoma is the fourth most conservative state, with Mississippi, North Dakota and Wyoming narrowly taking the lead in that category. Despite this, activists were able to collect well more than …

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