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New 3D-Printed Marijuana Inhaler Lets Physicians Administer Medical Cannabis Remotely

By Ephrat Livni, While marijuana is increasingly recognized for its medicinal and therapeutic effects, prescribing the drug—”take two hits and call me in the morning”—has long been a tricky proposition for doctors. Perhaps until now. Syqe Medical—a startup out of Tel-Aviv, Israel—has created a marijuana inhaler that allows doctors to prescribe a precise dose …

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Cannabidiol (CBD): Everything You Need to Know


Cannabidiol (CBD) has taken  the world by storm in recent years. And for good reason; it has vast medical value. Here’s a look at what cannabidiol is, how it works and what conditions it can help with. What is cannabidiol (CBD)? Cannabidiol is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds found inside the resin glands …

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The Top 10 Events of 2016 that Shaped Marijuana Policy

By NORML The Top 10 Events of 2016 that Shaped Marijuana Policy #1 Adult Use Marijuana Laws Win Big on Election Day Voters in eight states on Election Day decided in favor of legalizing marijuana. In four states – California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada – voters backed statewide initiatives regulating the adult use, possession, and …

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Terpenes: Cannabis Aromatherapy

By Bailer Rahn, Leafly There’s something about the aroma of cannabis that soothes the mind and body. Whether it’s the sweet fruity taste of Pineapple Trainwreck or that skunky smell that bursts from a cracked bud of Sour Diesel, we know there’s something going on under their complex and flavorful bouquets. Terpenes are what you …

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How to Store Marijuana

By Robert Bergman, A look at how to properly store marijuana Black-market marijuana doesn’t need to be entirely dry because it will be repackaged and sold quickly to users. For sellers, moist weed weighs more, and most smokers prefer a modicum of water vapors to make their marijuana burn with a gentler smoke. But if …

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How To Sex Marijuana Plants

Courtesy of Robert Bergman from When setting out to create a successful marijuana garden, you may not have considered some more subtle aspects, such as organizing your plants according to their sex. You may not have even realized that plants have different sexes unless you have done this type of gardening before. When you …

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The Best Weed Scales

By Robert Bergman, Founder of Weed scales are crucial in the pot world since they measure out marijuana quickly and efficiently. If you are thinking about buying one, you’ve probably noticed there are quite a few options available. Before you buy one without thinking twice, consider your personal situation and why you are buying …

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The 10 Biggest Marijuana Companies

By Paul Ausick, 24/7 Wall ST The November election wound up with eight states added to the number of them where either medical or recreational marijuana (or both) are or will be legally for sale. Medical marijuana is now legal in Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota, and Montanans voted to eliminate legislatively imposed restrictions on access …

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The Ultimate Weed Brownies Recipe

weed brownies

There’s nothing more quintessential in the world of cannabis edibles than weed brownies. Pretty much everyone loves brownies. This makes it a naturally choice to be infused with cannabis. Weed brownies – and the chocolate they contain – are also perfect for masking the cannabis taste for those who don’t like it. With this being …

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Dab Dosage Guide: How to Properly Dose Cannabis Concentrates


By Patrick Bennett, Leafly Measuring a dab can be a daunting task to anybody who is inexperienced with cannabis concentrates. Be it a wax, shatter, sap, or anything in between, most hash oils are served up in one grab and/or half gram portions. Their coin envelops and plastic containers may contain cannabinoid profiles at best, …

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