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Making Feminized Marijuana Seeds

feminized marijuana seeds

Want to learn how to make your own feminized marijuana seeds? So far in your growing process you have probably only worried about the ways to keep your plants happy and healthy – to both survive and thrive. Chances are, this has taken up most of your time. It has probably used up more of …

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Donald Trump Marijuana Overview

President Obama had his own marijuana strain, and now so does President Donald Trump. The Trump Administration has been unclear about how they will handle marijuana, which remains illegal on the federal level despite numerous states having legalized it. However, that hasn’t stopped marijuana growers from creating a strain in Trump’s honor: Donald Trump OG. …

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Woody Harrelson No Longer Consumes Marijuana, Quit Over a Year Ago

Woody Harrelson

In an interview published today by Vulture, Woody Harrelson said he no longer smokes marijuana, and in fact quit over a year ago. The announcement will come as a surprise to many, given Harrelson for years has been one of the most prominent advocates of legalizing marijuana (though of course you don’t need to consume …

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Every State Could Have Legal Marijuana by 2021


By Todd Campbell, The Motley Fool Marijuana laws are winning support across the United States, and that’s got industry watchers predicting that every state may pass marijuana laws over the next five years. The market for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is growing rapidly, as lawmakers in more states pass legislation legalizing it. Already, 28 …

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Herpes and Marijuana

herpes and marijuana

Can marijuana treat herpes? Nearly every American has been exposed to some sort of Herpes virus. In some people, that exposure causes an infection. Herpes comes in many forms. It includes the common chicken pox and a cold sore, but it could also become shingles or an STD. Current medications sometimes work to knock down …

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Watch a Priest, Rabbi and Conservative Homosexual Atheist Get High on Marijuana Together Legally

In the following video Rabbi Jim Mirel, Episcopal priest Chris Schuler, and self-described “conservative homosexual atheist” Carlos Diller get high together. The video took place in Seattle where cannabis is legal for those 21 and older; it is courtesy of the Times of Israel. Enjoy:  

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in the System (with Infograph)

Below is an infograph detailing how long marijuana stays in your system. The data used to create this infographic is gathered from research on drug testing methods and the information presented by drug screen manufacturers. Some resources include Redwood Toxicology, Cannabis Drug Testing, California NORML. The information presented is only a guide or estimate since …

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Over 500 Marijuana Slang Terms

Below is a list of over 500 marijuana slang terms: – 420 Marijuana use, refers to 4/20 (April 20th) an unofficial cannabis holiday 51 Combination of crack cocaine with marijuana or tobacco A-bomb Marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium Acapulco gold Marijuana from S.W. Mexico; marijuana Acapulco red Marijuana Ace Marijuana cigarette; PCP Afgani indica …

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95% of U.S. Population Lives in a State with Access to Some Form of Legal Marijuana

federal marijuana laws

95% of the U.S. population currently lives in a state with some form of legal access to marijuana, yet the substance remains illegal on the federal level for all uses. “While the cannabis industry has been anxious to gain more clarity into how President Trump’s Administration is going to treat the legal cannabis market in …

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White Widow Marijuana Strain Overview

An energetic hybrid, White Widow is one of the most well known and loved marijuana strains in the world. First bred in the Netherlands, White Widow is a strain that nearly all cannabis consumers have heard. Its energetic, uplifting and powerful high is well known, as its uniquely Earthy flavor and smell. This strain is …

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