Edibles Safety Q&A with Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer for SōRSE

After writing a recent article called “Do Edibles Expire, and How to Best Preserve Them” we received a lot of feedback from our readers asking what the potential risks and dangers may be associated with consuming expired edibles.

So, we decided to connect with an expert in the field to get the latest information on the topic. We interviewed Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer of SōRSE Technology around the world of edible safety and here are the highlights of the interview:

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How to Make Jolly Rancher Marijuana Edibles

One of the most popular categories of marijuana edibles are marijuana hard candies such as marijuana Jolly Ranchers. The appeal is quite apparent: You get a high that’s as strong and long-lasting as normal edibles, but get to enjoy a deliciously sweet hard candy in the process. Some also like the fact that given you consume a Jolly Rancher over the course of 10-25 minutes and not within a couple minutes like a small-to-medium marijuana cookie, the high has an even more gradual onset than standard edibles.

Luckily, making marijuana Jolly Ranchers isn’t near as difficult as you might think. It also doesn’t take near as long – or take near as much cannabis – as you may think.

All that said, let’s cut to the chase and tell you how to make it!

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Common Mistakes of Cooking with Cannabis

Making marijuana edibles is a fun, and relatively simple process. However, despite its simplicity there is plenty of room for small and even big mistakes, especially when those making the edibles are new to the edible or marijuana scene. Luckily, most of these mistakes are very easy to avoid if you know what to look out for, or are easy to fix or correct next time if they’re mistakes you’ve already made.

With that in mind, below is a list of common mistakes people make when cooking with cannabis and making marijuana edibles of any kind.

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Can You Freeze Cannabis Edibles?

With marijuana edibles growing in popularity in recent years, it stands to reason that there are probably quite a few people who are either consuming edibles for the first time, or are considering doing so. Whether they want to consume edibles to relax and enjoy a recreational experience, or whether they want to consume edibles to help treat an ailment, there is a diverse group of people who have edibles on their mind.

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Keto Edibles

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that in medicine is often used to help treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children. Based on the core of the diet, it forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.


This diet has become increasingly popular in recent years, as have marijuana edibles. So, it only makes sense to combine to two worlds so that those on such a diet can still enjoy their cannabis-infused food and drinks. Luckily, it’s easy! Making keto edibles is quite simple, and not really anymore difficult than making regular marijuana edibles.

With that in mind, here are two easy recipes for keto edibles – keto brownies, and keto gummy bears!

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How to Make Edibles with Hash

Yes, it’s true – marijuana edibles are marijuana-infused foods or drinks that are typically made using grounded marijuana leaves or buds. However, edibles can also be made with concentrated marijuana, such as kief, oil and hashish.

Doing so results in a more potent product that, unless you use but a small amount, will have high levels of THC (and other marijuana compounds), considerably higher than an edible made with regular marijuana.

All that said, let’s take a look at how to make edibles with hash!

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How Much Weed Do You Need to Make Edibles

Making marijuana edibles, to those who have never done it before, may seem like a daunting task. This is especially true among those who already don’t consider themselves the best cooks in the world: Adding marijuana to the mix must only make it more difficult, they think!


However, once you begin to actually try to make edibles, you quickly realize that it’s really not all that difficult, and as long as you take your time and pay attention it’s hard to really mess up too badly.

That said, anyone knew to making edibles likely has a plethora of questions. One of these questions towards the top of the list may be: How much weed do you need to make edibles? This is a question that doesn’t necessarily have a direct answer, but does have one that can be elaborated on.

Below we will do our best to answer that question:

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