Cashinbis Re-Brands as Upscale Media

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Cashinbis Re-Brands as Upscale Media

usIn less than a year, “Cashinbis” transformed from an unheard-of San Diego startup to one of the most renowned B2B digital publications in the legal cannabis industry, covering the entrepreneurs, technology, and issues that are driving the field out of the black market.

This week, the company announced its evolution and re-branding as Upscale Media. The new digital media property aims to bring the successful cannabis lifestyle to the masses, with glimpses into industry life and the entrepreneurs behind the biggest companies, disruptive technology and consumer trends, and what it really means to be a member of the cannabis movement.

With the transition to the Upscale brand name comes a major leadership change at the company, with Guillermo Bravo stepping up as the new CEO. Bravo co-founded the company in 2014, and has more than 10 years experience in web development, online marketing, and social media strategy, bringing a technology background to the emerging cannabis media space.

“Our goal is to provide a banquet of knowledge and transparency as to the truth behind cannabis and hemp in an easily digestible manner,” said Bravo. “We’re looking to reveal the medicinal, cultural, and economic indicators which have been withheld from the public through cannabis prohibition. Upscale is producing impactful media liberating people for change.”

Upscale Media will act as a parent brand for the company’s existing publications: Cashinbis, a popular hub for cannabis business and finance stories, and CannaEffect, a not-for-profit outlet that publicizes the amazing health benefits of medicinal cannabis, through first-person patient narratives.

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In addition to digital publishing, Upscale Media acts as a content marketing agency for the cannabis industry, which is beleaguered by online advertising restrictions. The company educates, counsels, and creates meaningful campaigns for cannabis businesses looking to be seen as industry leaders.

Why the Change?

With a clean, professional-looking layout and exclusive interviews with cannabis industry entrepreneurs that couldn’t be found elsewhere, the Cashinbis site went live in April 2014 and gave the community a new hub for online information. What the founders didn’t anticipate was how much of an influence the site would have on the mainstream.

Calls and emails quickly came flooding in from across the country and even abroad, from individuals looking to learn more about the cannabis industry. From complete newbies to seasoned investors looking to come in from the outside, to true stoners now inspired to seek out business opportunities in the space, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and led to Cashinbis’ success on social media.

It became apparent that the diverse community built up around the news site was outgrowing the Cashinbis brand name. Readers weren’t coming to the site for business news per se; they were coming back for more every day in order to feel like a part of something bigger. Stories about political events, consumer products, and technology were drawing far more interest than even the entrepreneur profiles. Because of this, a re-brand was necessary in order to accurately represent the company’s mission and voice.

“Upscale” embodies several aspects of the cannabis movement; from the fast pace that startups are growing to profitability and legitimacy, to the mass exodus of successful individuals out of the shadows and into the public eye with their support of the plant, and the high-end technology and products being released that prove the cannabis lifestyle is more than a one-off trend.

The goal at Upscale Media is to re-brand the cannabis lifestyle as a positive thing – drawing together all the news elements that are crucial business leaders and consumers in the space.

What’s New?

The Upscale Media website will feature daily editorials and a weekly, 30-minute web series in an engaging news format. Unlike many other TV and web series involving cannabis, this show will feature zero depictions of the herb itself – or anyone smoking it, for that matter.

Upscale TV takes pride in covering the business niche of the cannabis movement in the most tasteful and professional manner possible. Featuring exclusive industry panels, interviews with CEOs and top advocates, behind-the-scenes cannabis trade show footage, political commentary, technology, product features, and discussion of the real issues facing the cannabis and hemp communities, this series is the first of its kind in a movement rife with derogatory counter-cultural references and seeking legitimacy as policy shifts both in the U.S. and globally.

With the show launch comes a role change for Tim Strombel, now the President of Upscale TV. Formerly, Tim worked in sports broadcasting for ESPN Radio prior to developing the Cashinbis brand as Head of Media. With a budding side career in stand-up comedy, Strombel proves an engaging and educated host of the new Upscale TV series.


The company is actively seeking out parties interested in syndicating or otherwise distributing the series.

For more information, visit Upscale.Media’s website.

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