Best Carb Caps to Look Out for in the Dabbing Market

Best Carb Caps to Look Out for in the Dabbing Market

A carb cap is an accessory used for dabbing cannabis concentrate. Since its invention by Task Rok in 2013, most dabbers have considered this accessory as one of the essentials for dabbing the vapor.


Carb caps are used in allowing the cannabis concentrate to be preserved at lower temperatures by creating a suction that limits airflow inside and secures the heat around bangers.


According to Weedmaps, a company that advocates for medical marijuana by connecting its customers with medical marijuana suppliers and doctors, the term carb cap is based on the word carburetor.

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A carburetor is a device which is commonly found inside vehicles, that helps in modifying and mixing air and fuel for engine combustion. As described by Weedmaps:


“A carb cap is to a dabbing rig what a carburetor is to a car. Just like a carburetor controls the airflow, and, as a result, the pressure around an engine, a carb cab controls the airflow and, as a result, the pressure around a dab.”


Carb caps usually look like knobs with two airways at the top and at the bottom, but these dabbing accessories are usually patterned after three primary structural designs: the Standard carb cap, the Bubble carb cap, and the Directional carb cap.


The Standard carb cap is the simplest of them all – a rounded-looking cap with round ends which are meant to serve as the cap and the handle. The Bubble carb cap, on the other hand, was named after its bubble-like shape.


Bubble carb caps have hollow airways which extend from the top to the bottom of the cap. This type of carb cap usually works best with the flat-top quartz carb cap, since this combination allows dabbers to easily rotate the dab cap which often results to chasing


This sealing feature can also be found in the Directional carb cap. The Directional carb cap, however, contains a carb hole and a thin airway which extends to the bottom of the cap.


Carb caps, no matter what type of design they make use of, are made out of either titanium, glass, or quartz, since these materials can easily help with modifying the temperature of the concentrate. At times, carb caps are also made using ceramic for a “full-flavor delivery” of the vapor into the rig.


For those who would like to start dabbing, it would be best to consider the top 5 best carb cap types in the market:


1 – Spinner Bubble Carb Caps


It’s no secret that the bubble carb cap is the most popular design of carb caps, because of its functionality and distinct design. This carb cap type design has been improved by adding a spinner, allowing dabbers the ability to move their terp pearls in their banger.


This type of carb cap is usually made out of glass. Some of the best Spinner Bubble Carb Caps are from The Dabbing Specialists, Fuzion Glazz Gallery, and RubyPearlCo, which are priced from USD 17 to USD 400.




2 – Ceramic Carb Cap with Dabber


The ceramic carb cap is a simple two-piece directional dabbing accessory which will surely make a good addition to anyone’s rig setup. It is made out of ceramic, which slowly heats the vapor, allowing dabbers to get the full taste out of their vapor.


This also makes it ideal for your dab nail. In addition to this, the ceramic carb cap usually comes with a dabber, allowing anyone to conveniently manipulate their THC concentrate. Some of the best ceramic carb caps with dabber can be found in Cannabox,, and other physical vape shops. These are also relatively cheap, being usually priced from USD 6 to USD 20.


3 – UFO Glass Carb Caps


A lot of beginner dabbers use quartz banger nails since this is one of the most common types of banger nails. However, it is quite challenging to find a carp cap that will exactly fit this type of banger nail.


This is why UFO glass carb caps have become so popular in the dabbing community. This type of carb cap fits perfectly onto most, if not all, banger nails. Its UFO-like structure also does a great job at regulating heat and airflow, allowing the dab rig to absorb a very flavorful vapor. What also makes UFO glass carbs perfect for dabbers is its versatile size.


This carb cap does not only fit quartz banger nails. It also fits most sizes of banger nails. Some of the best UFO glass carb caps can be found in Higherstandards, Shoppee, and Lazada. They can be bought for as low as USD 8 to USD 15.




4 – Mushroom Carb Cap


With its mushroom-like structure that is painted with vibrant colors and adorned with white polka dots, the mushroom carb remains to be one of the most-distinct looking types of carb caps in the dabbing community.


Apart from its youthful aesthetic, the mushroom carb cap remains to be one of the most popular cab caps because of its durability. This type of carb cap is usually made of glass, making it an easy medium for heat modification, and a durable and lightweight addition to everyone’s rig kit. Mushroom carb caps are standard carp caps, making it extremely easy to get a hang of for beginners.


The best mushroom carb caps can be found in Pulsar Vaporizers, Hemper, and MJ Arsenal. It can be bought for as low as USD 9 to USD 30.


5 – Titanium Carb Cap with Ballpoint Dabber:


Titanium carb caps are extremely popular among long-time dabbers, since these prove to be the most durable carb caps. Usually made from thin grade-2 titanium, this type of carb cap allows dabbers to customize their vaping experience using its two lateral holes which can be covered and uncovered anytime.


This also allows dabbers to manipulate airflow and make their own desired quality of vapor. This type of carb cap can also be attached from the top or from the bottom, increasing its versatility when it comes to fighting different sizes of nails. The included ball-point dabber in this type of carb cap also allows dabbers to place the exact amount of oils and wax in their rigs for a more customized experience.


The best titanium carb caps with ballpoint dabbers can be found in, High Mountain Imports, and in local vape shops. This type of carb cap is usually priced from USD 8 to USD 20.




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