Cannabis Would be Legal Under New Hawaii Bill

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Cannabis Would be Legal Under New Hawaii Bill

hawaiiNew legislation has been introduced in Hawaii’s Senate that would legalize recreational cannabis for everyone 21 and older. The proposal – Senate Bill 2581 – has four sponsors and has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee.

If approved into law, the proposal would make it so that the “possession, use, display, purchase, transfer, or transport of marijuana, marijuana accessories, or marijuana paraphernalia for personal use shall be immune from criminal prosecution”. The “possession, growing, processing, or transporting” of up to six cannabis plants (no more than three flowering) would also be legal, as would the “transfer or sale of one ounce or less of marijuana with or without remuneration”.

The full text of Senate Bill 2581 can be found by clicking here.

Last year a measure to decriminalize cannabis was given unanimous approval by Hawaii’s Senate Health Committee, though it unfortunately failed to pass the full Senate before the end of the session.

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