Legislation to Allow Cannabis Retail Outlets to Sell Plants and Seeds to Patients 18+ Filed in Washington

A legislative proposal to allow cannabis retail outlets with a medical marijuana endorsement to sell plants and seeds to patients 18 and older has been filed in Washington with bipartisan support.

(Photo: REUTERS)

House Bill 1098 was filed by State Representative David Sawyer (D), and is co-sponsored by Representatives Steve Kirby (D) and Cary Condotta (R). According to the legislative digest for the measure, it would allow “certain qualifying patients and designated providers to purchase lawful marijuana plants and seeds from marijuana retailers with a medical marijuana endorsement.”

Currently patients can grow up to four plants at home, or up to six plants if they join the patient registry. However, cannabis retail outlets are prohibited from selling plants or seeds. This makes it a challenge for some patients to obtain them. This new measure would fix this by allowing those cannabis retail outlets that have received a medical cannabis endorsement from the Liquor and Cannabis Board to sell both seeds and plants.

Outlets that do sell plants and seeds would only be allowed to sell to qualified patients.

House Bill 1098 has been assigned to the House Commerce and Gaming Committee.

Click here for the full text of the measure.

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