Cannabis Now Legal in Toledo, Ohio

toledoIn September, voters in Toledo, Ohio overwhelmingly gave approval to an initiative to legalize recreational cannabis for those 21 and older, approving the measure with 70% in favor. Now, the law is in full effect, despite a challenge from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

The new law doesn’t allow for cannabis retail outlets, but does remove all criminal penalties for the possession of up to 200 grams of cannabis, while also prohibiting asset forfeitures and driver’s license suspensions for cannabis violations. The new law is one of the most progressive cannabis policies ever passed at the city level in the United States.

Toleda is the fourth most populous city in Ohio, with a population of just over 282,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


About Anthony Martinelli

Anthony, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog, has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for Washington State Representative Dave Upthegrove. He has also been published by multiple media outlets, including the Seattle Times. He can be reached at TheJointBlog@TheJointBlog.com.


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  1. Matt

    “Cannabis Now Legal in Toledo, Ohio”

    Ohhhh damn!

    “The new law doesn’t allow for cannabis retail outlets”

    Aw c’mon what’s the point then? You have to buy it illegally but then it’s okay for you to have it? Makes no sense.

  2. Scott Rellim

    This is awesome. I couldn’t care less whether or not it is sold in retail outlets. Everyone should have the right to grow, possess, and consume any amount. This is a step in the right direction.

  3. Bill reese

    Wouldn’t it say

  4. billy

    What does this do for drug testing?

    1. Anonymous


  5. Chris

    Hey that’s amazing! I didn’t know that some cities in State can legalize marijuana and other do not have to.

    1. calicorock

      Chris, it sounds like Ohio’s AG is going to the mat to keep it from happening. But what’s to fight ? Unless they’re not arresting people for possession already (which I doubt). But this makes no sense. Unfortunately, Ohio’s State Attorney General may well have a legal precedent with which to fight this in State court after Ohioans, voted to keep cannabis prohibition in place. Portsmouth New Hampshire, however passed a very similar law late last Fall. New Hampshire’s AG didn’t go after the city of Portsmouth. It hasn’t washed away into the Atlantic.
      What’s up in Ohio ?

  6. Anonymous

    been that way for a long time can still charge you for paraphernalia tho , but No criminal charge for under 1/4 pound for personal use

    1. calicorock

      Ohio Cannabis Possession :

      Less than 100 g Misdemeanor N/A $ 150
      100 – 200 g Misdemeanor 30 days $ 250
      200 – 1,000 g Felony 1 year $ 2,500
      1,000 – 20,000 g Felony 1 – 5 years $ 10,000
      20,000 – 40,000 g Felony 5* – 8 years $ 15,000
      More than 40,000 g Felony 8 years* $ 20,000
      * Mandatory minimum sentence

      Looks like Felony charges kick in at 200-1000 g (a little over seven oz.). Above this amount, Ohio appears to be similar to California, But without the pleasant Winter weather and MMJ dispensaries for the sick.

  7. MedicineWoman

    Do those “ten dudes” have to grow it for you?!

  8. Kevin wait

    I live in Youngstown ohio and it isnt legal here im gonna have to move there instead of driveing 4yrs to go to ceaderpoint i can just move there instead

    1. calicorock

      Your rational for moving is a perfect snapshot example why Seattle is currently dealing with literally thousands of out of State homeless cannabis migrants. Tiny house’s and huge parking lots for RV campers to get them off clogged city backstreets. Many people are migrating to find safe and legal access points.

  9. Anonymous

    I live in Youngstown ohio and it isnt legal here im gonna have to move there instead of driveing 4yrs to go to ceaderpoint i can just move there instead

  10. Sammy Toledo

    As a happy resident of Toledo, OH I can state that I was at a gathering with a Municipal Court Judge a few weeks after this law passed. I asked her if she wanted to step out back and burn one with me.

  11. Mary Smith

    NW Ohio NORML and Sensible Toledo worked hard to bring this to Toledo. We are helping other cities in Ohio to bring forward a more sensible plan for marijuana in our state. Thank you for your support!

    1. calicorock

      Mary Smith

      Please hurry ! The Pacific NW States, Oregon, Washington, which already passed and legalized recreational marijuana over four years ago (MMJ since 1998), are shouldering a tremendous societal burden from out of in State cannabis migrants.
      Most come from more regressive, prohibitionist /Non-medical marijuana States like Ohio. Seattle just voted on a new property tax levy to address chronic homelessness and RV camper parking lots. This isn’t making anyone’s lives more pleasant. Especially not in an already over-heated housing market, and having no local rent control law. contributing to jacked up housing prices, and continued “eviction by rental increase”. You may disagree, but I my opinion, legalizing City by city is messy, costly and rarely works. Any Tribal lands there ? The Tribes around Puget Sound will be selling soon too. That may be a good way to first approach marijuana legalization since it has been rejected by Ohio State residents.

  12. Anonymous

    It’s about time .This needs to happen across the board in all the city’s in all the states .No one should go to jail for weed .Its about time people open their eyes and see that some people need weed to help with the stress of everyday life.For all the people that need it for medical conditions .This is one of the best things god has put on this earth for man to use.

    1. calicorock

      City by city seems discriminatory and Medieval way to obtain marijuana legalization. How much time before another vote could happen State-wide to try to legalize again ? At the very least, maybe a viable State-regulated system of MMJ dispensaries for sick patients/ care-givers (which we’ve had in the NW since 1998). Maybe a city by city slog is Ohio’s only alternative to State-wide legalization. How many people are living Ohio for one of the legalized States ? If I could download a pic I’d show you my Seattle neighborhood this morning.

  13. vickia52

    Now is the time to get the other Ohio cities to do the same!

    1. Kevin wait

      I agree i live. In Youngstown ohio and it isnt legal here yet

    2. Anonymous

      over due in Ohio,way over due,the establishment believes they are justified in their actions of refusal,statewide,when just the medicine value,for the people of the state,,they are playing with your money and lives,and will continue til they are stopped at the polls!

  14. Anonymous

    does it violate a state law?

    1. Anon

      Yes, it does, and it’s not legal, it’s only decriminalized, so you’ll still have your bag confiscated

    2. calicorock

      Bingo ! That’s why Ohio’s State Attorney General, and not Toledo’s City Attorney stepped in. As I mentioned above I doubt Toledo will have the migrant problems we face in the Pacific NW as there are no legal retail stores, or even MMJ dispensaries.


    it about time can i get my record spong

  16. Joan Hepsworth


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