Cannabis Legalization Initiative Filed in Missouri

Justmissouri days after the 2014 election in which two more state and the District of Columbia voted to legalize cannabis, activists in Missouri have filed an initiative to do the same, with the goal of putting the proposal to a vote in 2016.

The initiative, which was filed as a constitutional amendment, would legalize the possession of up to twelve ounces of cannabis, up to sixteen ounces of cannabis in solid form, and up to twenty ounces of cannabis in liquid form. The proposal, which would only apply to those 21 and older, would also allow for the private cultivation of up to six cannabis plants, and state-licensed retail outlets would be authorized to distribute the substance.

The initiative also includes a provision that allows those that have previously been charged with personal cannabis possession to have it expunged from their record.

Show-Me Cannabis, the group behind the initiative, will be required to collect roughly 160,000 signatures to put their proposal to a vote.


1 thought on “Cannabis Legalization Initiative Filed in Missouri”

  1. Those in charge need to look at the reality of it all. Since it’s been legal in Colorado their economy has been booming. More tax dollars than they know what to do with. 1000 people a week are moving there to get well without the damn pills. Just from an economic point of view everyone wins, except the pharmaceutical companies. The he’ll with companies who get rich by keeping us sick. If it weren’t for them it would be legal everywhere.


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