Cannabis Expungement Proposal Approved in Jamaica

Lawmakers in Jamaica have approved a proposal amending their nation’s Criminal Records Act (or inter alia) to provide for the expungement of minor cannabis offenses from criminal records, in addition to other csitemgr_photo_1369hanges.

“The proposed amendment would see a reduction of the time persons have to wait to qualify for their records to be expunged, thereby improving their chances, among other things, of obtaining gainful employment”, stated Lord Anthony Gifford, attorney and co-founder of Jamaica’s Ganja Law Reform Coalition.

The proposal will allow those prior convicted of a minor cannabis offense – such as possession deemed for personal use – to have the charge removed from their record almost instantly, rather than waiting several years, which will have an immediate and positive effect on their ability to get housing, employment and education.

Despite this victory, Lord Gifford understands that it’s not enough, and more work needs to be done, stating that; “We need to mobilise opinion, and I think Jamaican opinion is very favourable on the whole issue of the legalisation of ganja, but we need to get up, stand up, stand up for our rights.”


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