Cannabis Expungement Bill Filed in Missouri

Missouri State Senator Bob Dixon, a Republican from Springfield, has filed Senate Bill 451, a proposal to allow for the expungement of most cannabisbudcannabis convictions from all public records.

Senate Bill 451 was drafted by a Missouri Bar Association committee, and has the support of the Missouri Bar Board of Governors, the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

If approved into law, those with cannabis convictions Рother than Class A felonies  Рwould be eligible to have the charges removed from their records. A provision in the bill specifically authorizes an individual who has his record expunge to deny that the charge ever occurred.

The text of the proposal can be found by clicking here.


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  1. Sadly, I could not find the word ‘cannabis’ in the linked text. Although your title was teasing, I believe in reporting the facts, not the possibilities. We’re talking about Missouri here, and They read the laws as They see fit.

    Have a great day!


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