Cannabis An Effective Treatment For Neuropathic Pain, Says New Study

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Cannabis An Effective Treatment For Neuropathic Pain, Says New Study

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel group study published in this month’s issue of the European Journal of Pain, and published online early by the National Institute of Healthsaved17, has found that cannabis can significantly reduce pain and improve sleep for those with neuropathic pain.

For the study; “303 patients with PNP (peripheral neuropathic pain) associated with allodynia were screened; 128 were randomized to THC/CBD spray and 118 to placebo, in addition to their current analgesic therapy.”

After conducting the study, which used a spray made from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), both compounds of cannabis, researchers found that “a meaningful proportion of otherwise treatment-resistant patients, clinically important improvements in pain, sleep quality and SGIC of the severity of their condition are obtained with THC/CBD spray. THC/CBD spray was well tolerated and no new safety concerns were identified.”

The study, which was conducted by researchers a Gartnavel General Hospital at the University of Glasgow in the U.K., can be found by clicking here.


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  • NorCalNative
    January 17, 2014

    I’ve had good success treating neuropathy with CBD-rich tincture and with daily use of full extract cannabis oil.

    I’ve used Gabapentin and Elavil in the past for neuropathic symptoms and neither worked as well as cannabis-based medicines..

    • Anonymous
      January 20, 2014

      I am a patient as well, I am taking my garpantin, and changed strains to very high indices instead of a hybrid. Cannibis is not to be abused for any reason. Cannibis helps pain PTSD, and bpd and the heavier the indica the better.

    • William
      April 19, 2018

      Hi > question I am on 50 mg of Elavil for pain and sleep. Benn on it for two weeks. I hate the side effects and Elavil is not helping at the level I am at. I really do not want to go above 50mg. Would you please let me know whats working for you.. I live in Wisconsin so any CBD Oil with THC in it would be available to me.

  • Howard
    January 17, 2014

    How much ?

  • Anonymous
    January 28, 2014

    I have found smoking cannabis does not help the pain. If I eat it in the form of a candy or cookie it puts me on the couch and the pain is gone for a few hours. I have purchased cookies and candies at dispensaries in the Flint area and they do nothing. I finally found someone who makes the confectionaries that are strong enough to get rid of the pain.

  • Carla
    August 30, 2015

    i have been using CBD oil with very low THC since July 2015 Before starting on it I was taking 1800mg of Gabapentin daily as well as 150mg of Lyrica, 8 pain pills a day, and many other medications without getting real good results. Since starting the CBD Oil I have been able to cut back to 300mg of Gabapentin and 0 Lyrica and am now down to 3-4 pain meds a day. This oil I take has made a huge impact on my neuropathy symptoms and my daily intake of prescribed meds. I’m a tried and true believer in this stuff!

    • yoka b sa
      October 31, 2015


      Will You Please Tell me where you get the cbd? I have been looking for this for my husband. he suffers from the same stuff.

    • joe
      October 11, 2016

      what CBD are you using. My wife has the same issues. Looking for something that does not
      have harsh side effects.

  • yolanda
    October 31, 2015


    Your comment is God Send. will you please let me know where you got the CBD my husband suffers from the same stuff. THANKS


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