Cannabis Edibles, Extracts Now Legal for Everyone 21+ in Oregon

As of June 2nd, it’s legal for everyone 21 and older in Oregon to purchase and use cannabis edibles, topicals, tinctures and extracts. coDispensaries are now able to legally distribute such products, thanks to the passage of Senate Bill 1511 earlier this year.

Under the new law, dispensaries are now able to sell cannabis edibles – such as brownies and truffles – topicals – such as lotions and ointments – and tinctures to everyone 21 and older. Unfortunately dispensaries will not be able to sell edibles to non-patients that contain more than 15 mg of THC per product. Dispensaries will also be able to sell up to a gram of cannabis extracts, given they have more than 1,000 mg of THC per gram.

Once licensed cannabis retail outlets – licensed by the Oregon Liquor Commission – open next year, dispensaries will go back to selling exclusively to patients.

Senate Bill 1511 also allows recreational cannabis retail outlets – which have yet to open – to sell cannabis to patients tax-free.

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