Cannabis Decriminalization Pilot Program Launching Monday in Harris County, Texas

At a press conference Wednesday Harris County District Attorney Devon Andersonharis, a Republican, said that beginning Monday non-violent individuals caught carrying up to two ounces of cannabis for the first time won’t be hit with a criminal charge or put in jail, but instead will be required to either perform eight hours of community service, or take a drug awareness class.

“Our goal is to keep these individuals from entering the revolving door of the criminal justice system”, says Anderson.

The move is supported by Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia and Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland. Anderson says that although the new program is a six-month pilot project, it will likely be expanded at the end of that period, and may soon grow to include other non-violent drug offenses.

According to Anderson, the program will effect around 2,000 people annually.


6 thoughts on “Cannabis Decriminalization Pilot Program Launching Monday in Harris County, Texas”

  1. Another aspect of the war on kush are the asset seasure laws turn law enforment into land pirates. This is overt bypassing fair play making it a civil asset the burden of proof is reversed’ aeenhownall this shitbhas been rigged

  2. Whatever happens guys don’t step back we been bullied into silence before I remember we all thought and said stupid stuff like mj will be leglebin six months after Carter gets elected he did change a little bit Texas went from poss any amount a state jail felony, to it current . people that say nobody goes to jail for small amounts oh yeah in spent two weeks in a freezing ass county jail full of an tweakers. For less then a gram So don’t try to sell that crap to me if all the/as stoners came out of of closets we could make Texas a starevbto be proud of if we were the first southern state to go legal you know who would hate that the most colorado or if the Indians in Oklahoma did it

  3. The bottom line is the wod is a huge g f g racket in texas from the local “task” farces that are hopelessly addicted to federal grants to the cage masters’ like the CCA has helped to make the wod a meat grinder they’re just beginning to wrap their beer pickled brains around what’s happening

  4. Any progress in Texas is good let face it’ I’m someone that been waiting 40 F’ing years to be living in the land of the free. I crenge every time I hear that shit free from what?slavery nope thats back. The list of abuses stoners have endured the last 40 under the word is so long that those CCA guys that bribe judges to lock humans in cages better pray our weede addled memory s are too bad to remember the shit they did to us I have a word that that use to respond to every claim the gov says about protecting people from dangous drugs Paraquat. That s a hyper toxic poison the government sprade on the mj crop. When we are in the drivers seat we should fiole a class action lawsuit’ for trying to poison us

  5. But yet, Harris County wants you to feel that you are a low life scum bag for weed. Thank you Harris County, but no thanks. Adrian Garcia thinks he’s doing a big favor. Screw him and all criminal degenerate prohibitionists and their cartel and criminal gang allies. Legalize or go home!


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