Cannabis Decriminalization Initiatives Approved in Bernalillo County and Sante Fe County, New Mexico

Advisory New Mexico signinitiatives asking voters if they support decriminalizing cannabis have been approved in Bernalillo County and Sante Fe County, New Mexico. The two countries represent over half of all voters in the state.

In Bernalillo County, the initiative was approved 59% to 40%. In Sante Fe, support was even higher, with the proposal being approved 73% to 26%.

“After six months of working on campaigns that went from local city ballot initiatives to multicounty campaigns, we are thrilled that over a third of our state’s population has sent a clear message on marijuana decriminalization in New Mexico,” says Pat Davis, Executive Director of ProgressNow.

Last year, the New Mexico House of Representatives approved a bill to decriminalize up to four ounces of cannabis, though the bill eventually stalled in the Senate. Hopefully the approval of these advisory initiatives will help build support for this, and other cannabis reform measures, in the upcoming session.


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