Cannabis Consumption Has No Negative Effect on Health, According to New Study

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Cannabis Consumption Has No Negative Effect on Health, According to New Study

A new study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, and conducted by researchers at Boston Medical Center and the Boston University School of Medicine,cannabisplant has found that even heavy cannabis consumption has no negative effect on a person’s health status, or their use of health care services (such as emergency room visits).

For the study, researchers studied 589 adults who screened positive for drug use during a primary care visit. Data was then collected on these patients, examining their drug use, their emergency room use and hospitalizations, and their overall health status. In addition, further information regarding past medical diagnoses was obtained from their medical records.

After conducting the study, researchers found absolutely no differences between the health and hospitalization of daily cannabis consumers, compared to those who use no cannabis at all.

“Our findings suggest that marijuana use has little measurable effect on self-reported health or healthcare utilization in adults using drugs identified in a primary care clinic,” says Daniel Fuster, MD, the lead author for the study.

This study combats the prohibitionist argument that tax revenue brought in through cannabis legalization will be offset by increased healthcare costs.

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  • Dom
    September 23, 2013

    Is there a link to the journal’s article. This is a BOLD and AWESOME statement, you HAVE to have references…

    • Donna Lynn Fraser
      September 26, 2013

      Look anywhere on the net there are thousands of articles . read them watch the videos and share them with everyone. Nobody’s doing research on their own HELP SPREAD THE WORD (y)

  • Bowler
    September 27, 2013

    I can attest to the findings myself, personally!!!

    Ive been smoking pot since 1980(age 11) …….and have led a somewhat athletic existence and hard working, blue collar life as an adult. I still hike the hill everyday. ive had a REALLY good record of health in general and attribute that in part to ingesting cannabis.

    Ive seen hemp oil do some amazing things lately, like cure my brother in laws, prostate cancer…..
    and my landlords melanoma. I am not crazy…….cannabis really does cure all these diseases….

    but why give the public a plant that cures everything and grows anywhere????….. when they(big pharma) can manufacture patented medicines that DONT REALLY WORK, and make a bundle of them??? There is simply MUCH less money in cannabis because it cant be horded and it actually works in curing major chronic illnesses such as cancer, epilepsy, MS, aids, hep c, als. ect ect….

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