Cannabis Becomes Legal in Nevada on January 1st

The new year will bring with it new cannabis laws in Nevada, as portions of Question 2 take effect.

Cannabis Becomes LegalOn December 15th parts of Massachusetts’ Question 4 took effect, legalizing cannabis for those 21 and older. Soon it will be Nevada’s turn, as portions of Question 2 take effect on January 1st.

As with Massachusetts (and California) the new law will allow those 21+ to possess up to an ounce of cannabis. The measure also legalizes cannabis retail outlets, which are expected to be open sometime next year; once open, those living 25 miles or more from one of these outlets will be allowed to cultivate up to six plants at a private residence.

The full text of the new law – which was approved last month with 54.5% voting in – can be found by clicking here.

Maine also legalized cannabis last month; their initiative takes effect two weeks later on January 15th. California’s Prop 64 took effect the day after its passage on November 8th.

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