Cannabinoids May Treat Aggressive Behavior, Finds New Study

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Cannabinoids May Treat Aggressive Behavior, Finds New Study

A new study budpublished by the journal Psychopharmacology, and conducted by researchers at the Universitat de València in Spain, has found that the body’s cannabinoid receptors play a vital role in the management of social interactions and aggressive behavior, and that administration of a cannabinoid receptor agonist significantly reduces aggression in animal models.

The study’s abstract explains that “This study was designed to examine the role of cannabinoid CB2r in social and aggressive behavior.”

A social interaction and other tests were performed in mice lacking cannabinoid (type 2) receptors (CB2r) and in “wild-type (WT) littermates”, and “the effects of the CB2r selective agonist [meant to mimic the effects of cannabinoids] JWH133 (1 and 2 mg/kg) on aggression were also evaluated”.

Researchers found that the mice lacking CB2r “exhibited higher levels of aggression in the social interaction test and displayed more aggression than resident WT mice… Acute administration of the CB2 agonist JWH133 significantly reduced the level of aggression in aggressive isolated OF1 mice, an effect that decreased after pretreatment with the CB2 receptor antagonist AM630.”

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The study concludes; “Our results suggest that CB2r is implicated in social interaction and aggressive behavior and deserves further consideration as a potential new target for the management of aggression.”



  • Jacklyn Synstad
    May 2, 2015

    I am so desperate to find something that will help ny son who is 21 years old and extremely aggressive. We have tried every type of prescription medication and it either causes a seizure or he has a adverse reaction. My family deals with this everyday. Dear God somebody help us!

  • Carol Francey
    May 3, 2015

    We know this is true from treatment of Alzheimer’s disease reducing plaque on the brain, preventing and slowing the disease while lifting mood. As well, for those with depression and PTSD to stop ruminating and get back to living in the present. I have heard anecdotal evidence of the benefits for those with autism who are fed cannabis edibles. The benefits for the most vulnerable are incontrovertible. Stop the suffering for all!

  • Shaun
    May 3, 2015

    I’m 25 and a victim of child abuse and bullying. I get anxiety very often and can become very irritable and aggressive under pressure and particularly in the morning. I’ve been medicating with cannabis for the past ten years and it’s the only thing I’ll swear by.

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