Canada’s Liberal Party Puts Forward Specific Plan For Legalization

Canada’s Liberal Party Puts Forward Specific Plan For Legalization

In a recently released report, Canada’s Liberal Party has put forth their reasoning for why the country should legalize cannabis, while also laying out important pointers in assuring that the system works:

The legal status quo for the criminal regulation of marijuana continues to endanger Canadians by generating significant resources for gang-related violent criminal activity and weapons smuggling – a reality which could be very easily confronted by the regulation and legitimization of Canada’s marijuana industry.LargeLogo.aspx

Hammering the nail on the head, the report lays out two vital things to consider when it comes to legally regulated cannabis; the quality must be top-notch, and the price must be cheap. Otherwise the black-market, which has grown increasingly dangerous and leads to the direct enrichment of criminal organizations, will win.

The report calls for a possession limit of four ounces, recommending that the cannabis be sold “through specialty private stores and/or anywhere regulated liquor sales take place”. It also recommends that the country give amnesty to anyone convicted of a minor possession charge.

Although this may be far from reality with the country’s current administration (which has been consistently attempting, in many cases succeeding, to make their cannabis policies even more regressive), it’s refreshing to see a major party take such a clear stand when it comes to legalization, and putting an end to the ridiculous prohibition on cannabis.

Now it’s up to Canada voters to put out of office those who don’t agree.

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