Can You Freeze Cannabis Edibles?

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Can You Freeze Cannabis Edibles?

With marijuana edibles growing in popularity in recent years, it stands to reason that there are probably quite a few people who are either consuming edibles for the first time, or are considering doing so. Whether they want to consume edibles to relax and enjoy a recreational experience, or whether they want to consume edibles to help treat an ailment, there is a diverse group of people who have edibles on their mind.

Many of these people probably have quite a few questions, both in relation to consuming edibles, as well as making and storing them.

One of those questions may be: Can you freeze edibles?

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Maybe even more important: Should you freeze edibles?

Here we’ll answer those questions as best as possible!

Can You Freeze Edibles?

In short: Absolutely.

There’s no reason to believe that there’s anything necessarily wrong with freezing edibles. It really comes down to what the product is.

Most edibles, like cookies, would be perfectly fine to freeze, and then thaw at room temperature (or eat on low in the oven or microwave) when ready to consume. The product may not be as good as it was prior to being frozen, but it will still be decide.

Even better, freezing the edible will have no impact whatsoever on the potency of the edible, meaning that even an edible from several months prior would have the same impact as one that was made and eaten prior to being frozen the day before.

Should You Freeze Edibles?

Now that we’ve acknowledged that you can freeze edibles, the next questions is should you freeze edibles.

That’s really a personal question.

If you have a small enough batch of edibles that you feel you will consume within 7-10 days, there’s no reason to freeze them. However, if you feel the edibles may last longer than that, than it makes sense to freeze them and use them as you go.

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