Campaigners Near 1 Million Signature Mark for Florida Medical Cannabis Initiative

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Campaigners Near 1 Million Signature Mark for Florida Medical Cannabis Initiative

Campaigners have gathered nearly 1 million signatures for an initiative to legalize medical cannabis in the State of Florida, according to Ben Pollaraunitedforcare, Campaign Director for United for Care, the nonprofit organization behind the proposal. The organization has until February 1st to submit roughly 683,000 signatures from registered Florida voters.

If the initiative – which would be put to a vote this November – is approved into law, the possession and use of cannabis will become legal for qualifying individuals who receive a license from the Department of Health, with the prerequisite being a recommendation from a licensed physician.

State-licensed dispensaries will be authorized under the initiative to distribute cannabis to patients or their caregivers. Physicians would have the ability to prescribe cannabis to anyone who they thought would benefit from it.

Quinnipiac University poll released in November found that 82% of those in Florida support legalizing medical cannabis, with only 16% opposed, a clear sign that voters may very well make Florida the first state in the south to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, now that they have an opportunity to do so with this new initiative.

Attorney John Morgan, founder of United for Care and a former fundraiser for President Obama, is prepared to wage a massive campaign to assure his initiative is approved into law, vowing to spend “whatever it takes” to do so.

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