Campaign to Legalize Cannabis Launched in Arizona

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Campaign to Legalize Cannabis Launched in Arizona

The Marijuana Policy Project of Arizona has officially launched its campaign to legalize cannabis in the state, with the grouparizona planning to put an initiative on the 2016 presidential election ballot.

“Advocates of an effort to make marijuana legal for adults and regulated similarly to alcohol in Arizona in 2016 have filed paperwork with state elections officials, granting them permission to raise money to campaign for the citizen’s initiative”, says Alizeh Siddiqui of the Marijuana Policy Project. “[The initiative] will be fashioned after the voter-approved taxed and regulated recreational marijuana program in Colorado.”

In Colorado, the possession and state-licensed distribution of up to an ounce of cannabis is legal for those 21 and older, as is the cultivation of up to six cannabis plants.

According to polling released last year by the Behavior Research Center, 56% of those in Arizona support the legalization of cannabis.

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