Campaign to Legalize Cannabis in DC Submits Signatures to Place Initiative on November Ballot

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Campaign to Legalize Cannabis in DC Submits Signatures to Place Initiative on November Ballot

The DC Cannabis Campaign submitted over 58,000 signatures this morning to put their cannabis legalization initiative to a vote of thedc people this November, well more than the roughly 26,000 required. Today marked the deadline for when the signatures could be submitted.

Under the proposed initiative, the possession, use and transfer of up to two ounces of cannabis will be legal for anyone 21 and older. The move is supported by 64% of DC residents, according to polling conducted last year by Public Policy Polling.

Earlier this year the district’s Council approved a proposal to decriminalize up to an ounce of cannabis. The bill was signed into law by the district’s mayor in March, but has since been under scrutiny from federal lawmakers, some who are attempting to block the measure.

The initiative to legalize cannabis will be officially put to a vote once the district verifies that enough of the submitted signatures are valid.


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  • virginia
    July 7, 2014

    yes we the people have are right to have this to be legalize so u all need to do your part for us its a plant that are god has made so we have that right to use this plant on how we want to use it it can help alot of us out who are very sick and in pain all the time it can help people with cancer and people who can see good and plus all the other things it can do so i say get your ass out of the can and just legalize it for us please thanks from virginia farleyand as long as we are over 21 we should be able to have are rights 2 we are not little children any more we know right from wrong

  • Kathleen
    July 16, 2014

    I honestly feel the only reason *weed* has never been legal is because the goverment has not figured out a way to tax and control it since it grows naturally like any other plant and we can do this without.the government ‘s control. it has so many medical benifits as well as pleasure I don’t. understand. why our government. would deny us of its use other than they can’t make money and want us dependant on their pharmacutial drugs. instead of forseeingsomwthing bad…consider alcohol. and tobacco use that is legal. with alk they s said….stip prolonging the enevetable…put a tax on it and?legalize it!!!!!!

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