California Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

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California Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

California has Legalized Cannabis

California Voters Legalize CannabisProposition 64 to legalize cannabis has been passed by voters in California. This marks the end to cannabis prohibition in the largest state in the U.S..

Once Prop 64 takes effect, cannabis will be legal for all uses for those 21 and older. This includes the possession of up to an ounce, and the cultivation of up to six plants. A regulated system of licensed cannabis retail outlets is also authorized under the measure.

Prop 64 also reduces the penalties for certain cannabis-related crimes. This includes reducing the charge for growing seven to 15 plants to a misdemeanor, down from a felony. This changes will be made retroactively, meaning hundreds of current prisoners are likely to be set free once the initiative takes full effect.

The full text of Prop 64 can be found by clicking here.

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