California Governor Pardons 93 Drug Offenders

California Governor Jerry Brown has given a full and unconditional pardon to 127 individuals. 93 of these pardons are for drug-related crimes, many of which are for possessing, cultivating or distributing cannabis.

californiaEach of those pardoned had “exhibited good moral character” and “lived an honest and upright life”, according to a statement released by Governor Brown’s office. “Pardons are not granted unless they are earned,” said a message from Brown’s office announcing the pardons.

Among those pardoned is 65 year old Rober Akers, who was sentenced in 1968 for selling cannabis.

The 127 pardons given by Governor Brown trumps the entire of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who only gave out 16 pardons between 2003 and 2010. Governor Brown distributed just 11 pardons in 2011, before increasing that number to 128 in 2012.

The additional 34 pardons were related to crimes such as theft, and a woman shooting her boyfriend with a pellet gun.


3 thoughts on “California Governor Pardons 93 Drug Offenders”

  1. I understand the delay in system. However, it’s. Been three years in the makings of expungement, rehabilited certificate and now a quess to rather the Governor will sign a pardon? Back in the days prisoners were hired right from prison into work furloughs to be trained into job positions aboard the shipyards. 20 years down the road rapid-gate is being denied
    denied to these men because of their past. Interrupting and preventing them the access to work freely. A pasr is the past! The State, offered these programs and now they are being revisited without cause. Rapid-Gate ruining their lifes, due to back logged crap! One , it’s one or the other. Their clean and sober and living., As law abiding citizens. Why the harrassment, so many years into these companys later: BAE, Nassco, Marritime etc? Disgusting to see people retried for their past doings!!!!

  2. we know,jff, that this was a very safe move and all for p.r. points. all these had a decade of lawful life outside. they were going about holidays beforethe pardon. it did not much change their lives unless they had jerks for parole officers. meanwhile…behind bars…no one was pardoned. santa did not bring good news and the day’s preps were nothing special. christmas? whatever. well, some visiting kids at s. quentin did have presents from firemen taken back by a screw. so he joins jerry brown as contender: Grinch of the Year. i think jerry wins. as for the “felon” part of describing the lucky ones…..what used to be charged as misdemesnors gets charged as felony. it hrlps budgets snd brings longer sentences. mandatory sucking minimums! so lets not paint them as bad people with jerry former moonbeam taking a risk. he saw his good press opportunity and he seized it! lets see how he obeys his 3 waiting federal judges….wsiting complisnce with doensizing his fave industry!

  3. wait, all these people have been out of jail for years? a symbolic gesture?

    why not pardon some people who are rotting in jail now? you clown.

    release the non violent drug ‘criminals’ now!


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