California Democratic Party Passes Resolution Urging President to Respect State Cannabis Laws

California Democratic Party Passes Resolution Urging President to Respect State Cannabis Laws

California’s Democratic Party has approved two cannabis-related resolutions urging a change bigstock-marijuana-12446021-300x200in the way the government handles state marijuana laws. The vote came at the party’s Executive Board meeting on Sunday.

The first resolution calls on President Obama to:

  • Respect the voters of Colorado and Washington and to not allow any federal interference in the enactment of their marijuana legalization initiatives:
  • End the federal raids on patients and providers in medical marijuana states:
  • Appoint a commission to look into the reform of our nation’s marijuana laws.

The second resolution is a call to state legislators, urging them to to enact guidelines for medical cannabis distribution that respects local municipalities to regulate, while providing cannabis ‘to all patients in all areas of California, rural as well as urban”.

These resolutions are now official positions of the party, which is the largest statewide Democratic party in the nation.



  • jennifer krummert
    July 23, 2013

    I sure wish they the feds, dea, n anybody else that can change the way cannabis is looked at. I am a recovered addict that has issues wth opiates, benzodiazipams, n cocaine. So I am very aware of the “buzz” I do not understand why all of those substances are socially accepatable along wth alcohol. Being someone who has tried all or most narcotics cannabis is most definitley the lesser evil. I still smoke cannabis n cld possibly lose evrything because of it. I have felt n seen the awful effects of wht the DEA N FDA call legal. Cannabis has NEVER made me feel as awful as the others. I have NEVER suffered a withdrawal, or sick, hungover, overdose from cannabis. When I’ve had the flu, been hungover, or having my anxiety attcks cannabis ALWAYS made me feel better. When I cldnt eat or sleep due to my opiod wthdrwl the cannabis helped me thru those most difficult timz. I was prescribed zanax for my anxiety disorder. I became physically addicted to those. As soon as I realized wht was happening I stopped the Dr from refilling my script. After the opiate abuse I swore I wld nvr be “addicicted to any substance again. Plz dear government let the leaf be free. I believe God put it here for a miraculous reason esp as all of the evidence comes out about its “health” benefits . I believe its time to re-evalute the worlds thinking about cannabis. It isn’t harmful, its peacful. I wld rather see a world of tokers than drinkers anyday. Booze took my father from me. Opiates took my life from me temporaraily. Its ok to be “buzzed” from those substances but not cannabis. Its time to move into the future. Let’s be peaceful n love the leaf.

  • moldy
    July 23, 2013

    Obama isn’t a Democrat, he’s bush 2.0. The Dems can “ask” all they want but we’re up against a lot of money (DEA jobs and others) and agencies that rely on the prohibition of weed to justify their existence. They’re all in it together, Dems and Reps, don’t vote for drug warriors any longer no matter what party they tag themselves.

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