California Bill to Allow Landlords to Ban Medical Cannabis Use Now Dead

landlordsLegislation that would have allowed landlords to prohibit medical cannabis patients from smoking their medicine at home is officially dead, as Assemblymember Jim Wood (D- Healdsburg) has dropped it after failing to garner the support necessary to move it forward.

Assembly Bill 2300 would have expanded a 2011 law that allows landlords to ban cigarette use by allowing them to also ban the use of medical cannabis. Assemblymember Wood argued that the proposal was about “protecting families that live in close proximity to others”, and that patients can use other methods of consuming cannabis other than smoking. However, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, convinced Wood to drop the bill after arguing that not all patients find the same effectiveness in cannabis when not smoking it.

“They simply couldn’t agree on the effectiveness of cannabis delivery mechanisms other than smoking,” says Liz Snow, a spokesperson for Wood.

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  1. sounds like this politcian needs to be replaced next election. it is medicine and thats another reason he couldn’t get support to move bill forward.


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