California Advocates To Begin Collecting Signatures Next Week For Cannabis Legalization Initiative

California Advocates To Begin Collecting Signatures Next Week For Cannabis Legalization Initiative

Proponents of an initiative to legalize cannabis in California will begin collecting signatures next week in an attempt to put the proposal to a vote this November.mclr

Advocates of the Marijuana, Control Legalization & Revenue Act will need to collect roughly half a million signatures by June 30th to put their initiative on the ballot.

“[The initiative] stops putting 20,000 people a year in jail in California for low level offense”, says John Lee, Director of Americans for Policy Reform, the organization running the initiative.

Under this proposal, the possession and private cultivation (up to 12 plants) will be legalized for those 21 and older, and authorizes cannabis retail outlets which would be regulated by a seven-person Cannabis Control Commission, which will consist of members appointed by the state’s governor.

A poll released in October by the Americans Civil Liberty Union found that 65% of those in California support the legalization of cannabis.



  • NorCalNative
    February 2, 2014

    This is NOT the Ed Rosenthal version.

    Close, but no cigar.

    This version doesn’t codify the right to grow lights for indoor cultivation. Ed’s version does.

    On the other hand, one thing to like about the version in this post is it makes it against the law for local and state officials to aid the feds! That’s significant.

    Steve Kubby and Westin Mickey of South Lake Tahoe have written an local initiative for their community that makes it criminal for local or state law enforcement to aid federal officers such as DEA. At the very minimum we need to look at these types of actions while legalization attempts are pending.

    A reminder: Any discussion of legalization MINUS the endocannabinoid system plays right into the hands of prohibitionist-types. We need to demand that the two are NEVER separated.

    What other so-called drug of abuse, OR substance has such a critical role to play in human health and homeostasis?

    Schedule I status must be viewed as a WAR CRIME. Anyone who thinks that’s hyperbolic ISN’T paying attention. Torture, death, and prolonged human suffering based on a LIE? WAR CRIMINALS is what we get from the drug war.

    • NateDawg
      February 2, 2014

      Wrong, its not legalization if it leaves our Brothers & Sisters in Jail and Prison.
      Does Ed’s Petition do anything about the Marijuana POWs?
      Pass on it. Only MCLRA will attempt to restore hemp, allow for recreational sales, protect medical uses, and release the marijuana prisoners.
      Without all that, you ARE just playing into the corporate hands like Rosenthal is.

  • Sean
    February 2, 2014

    California is slipping away on legalization. Many Californians act like they are too cool for legalization.

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