Buses in Portland, Maine to Carry Ads Urging Voters to Legalize Cannabis

This November voters in Portland, Maine will get the opportunity to vote on an initiative (Question 1) to legalize up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis. Backed by the Marijuana Policy Project, advocates are now placing advertisements on buses across the citybusad, claiming cannabis to be safer than alcohol, and urging voters to approve the initiative.

“I prefer marijuana over alcohol because it is less harmful to my body”, one of the ads say. “I prefer marijuana over alcohol because it’s less toxic, so there’s no hangover”, says another. 

“I prefer marijuana over alcohol because it doesn’t make me rowdy or reckless”, says the group’s third ad.

Initially the ads will run on 4 city buses, and 2 bus shelters (you can view them all by clicking here), but that number may increase with time, says David Boyer, Maine Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project. “We have these ads to spark a discussion with Portlanders about whether people should be punished [for using cannabis]”, Boyer says.

Advocates of this initiative plan to work on getting a cannabis legalization initiative on the statewide ballot in 2016.


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