Budweiser Sponsors All Day Concert to Benefit Medical Cannabis Legalization

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Budweiser Sponsors All Day Concert to Benefit Medical Cannabis Legalization

In a rare move for a company which sells alcoholic beverages, Budweiser sponsored an all-day concert yesterday – donating portions of their beer sales – to benefit Arkansas for Compassionate Carebudweiserlogo, a nonprofit organization working to put a medical cannabis legalization initiative on the Arkansas ballot next year – a similar initiative was narrowly defeated, finishing with 49% of the vote, in last year’s election.

The concert was held at the Silverado Club in El Dorado, and according to Americans For Safe Access, “Budweiser has underwritten the venue and a portion of the beer sales will go to ACC.”

The decision by Budweiser to sponsor this event flies in stark contrast to how many in the alcohol industry have reacted to cannabis law reform in the past; in 2010 the industry donated tens of thousands of dollars to help defeat California’s Proposition 19.



  • Doug Mathews
    November 11, 2013

    With the money that Budweiser has, you can be sure that as marijuana becomes legal, they will buy into the business as a major corp. that will continue to make money off of the American Public. ONLY THIS TIME, it’s for something that will not kill you, like alcohol will!

    • FADED187
      November 11, 2013


  • I was a little shocked at first when I heard Budweiser was sponsoring this gig. Can’t help feeling it is a ploy to get more sales though (as opposed to a genuine desire to ease people’s suffering).

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