Brazil Legalizes Cannabidiol for Medical Purposes

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Brazil Legalizes Cannabidiol for Medical Purposes

Brazil’s government has legalized the use of the cannabis compound cannabidiol forbrazil medical purposes.

The announcement was made Wednesday by officials from the nation’s Health Surveillance Agency, who say that the country now recognizes the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol, saying it’s now a “controlled” substance and no longer illegal.

Those wanting to legally use cannabidiol will need to receive a recommendation from a physician, and have a qualifying condition such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia, among others.

Officials at the Health Surveillance Agency say that they’re drawing up legislation to permit the import of cannabidiol, given it’s not currently produced in Brazil.

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Last month, Brazil’s Federal Medical Council authorized neurologists and psychiatrists to prescribe cannabidiol to treat epileptic children and teenagers who do not respond to conventional treatment.



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