Brand Review: Thrive Flower CBD – Nature’s Wellness Solution

Brand Review: Thrive Flower CBD – Nature’s Wellness Solution

The size of the CBD market is expanding extremely quickly. Globally, CBD now represents over $2.8B in annual sales and Grandview Research is expecting a compounding annual growth rate of 21.2%.


The chart below shows the growth for the US CBD market alone and what is expected for the industry over the next 8 years,


Delta Extrax



With that level of consumer demand and expected growth, it is no wonder that new CBD brands are appearing on the market every day. And with simple options like white labeling and dropshipping, entrepreneurs can create brands nearly overnight without ever touching the product.


But this has also caused an alarming number of poor-quality products to reach consumers. Many startups in the space are not putting the time and effort to ensure high quality ingredients in their products or worse are cutting corners and using cheap substitutes to reduce cost and become more competitive.


We all want the best for our bodies, so understanding what we ingest, apply to our skin, use in our hair, and consume in so many other ways is of the highest quality and provides the benefits we seek.


Finding a good CBD brand that provides many products to choose from is important. After reviewing Thrive Flower, we feel this is a brand we can get behind.


In this Brand Review, we will dive into Thrive Flower and their product selection to help you learn a bit more about this brand so you can determine if these products are right for you.


Let’s dive in…


The Thrive Flower Brand


Thrive Flower is a premium quality CBD brand based out of Philadelphia PA. They work with local Pennsylvania hemp farms to craft all their premium CBD products.


As a company, they strongly believe in the benefits of CBD as a natural, healthy, and better wellness solution and want to offer great products at affordable prices. You can see their commitment to quality and affordability from their ratings on Real Tested CBD here:


Thrive Flower is a customer-centric brand believing in making great products that are both effective and affordable while providing full transparency to their clients. They use some of the top 3rd party US based labs to test all their products and provide detailed information on ingredients and benefits.


When I spoke to their CEO, Jake Wolff, he told me, “We take pride in educating our customers and showing 100% transparency. They should not hesitate to reach out to our highly educated staff and we will be more than happy to find the perfect CBD product for their specific needs.” Their site has a 5-star rating with many verified customers raving about their products, service and selection.



And on top of all that, they focus on connecting with their local community to help educate about the beneficial use of cannabis.


Thrive Flower Product Lineup



Thrive Flower has a nice line of high-quality CBD products. The brand has a fantastically clean look, and it really represents their ideology of high-quality products and top of the line ingredients. When we received the packaged of products, we were excited to dive into each. We tested their:

  • Vegan CBD Gumming
  • CBD Lotion
  • CBD Muscle
  • CBD Flower
  • CBD Relief Salve
  • And their CBD Drops


Along with the products came a very thorough and easy to understand information pamphlet that broke down the science behind CBD and the Endocannabinoid Systems. It explained how cannabinoids works and the potential impact on the body, the difference between hemp and marijuana, proper dosing amounts, the many ways to apply the products, the benefits and much more. We found it to be a great primer for novice users.



Vegan CBD Gumming


CBD gummies have become the number one desired edible on the planet. They are easy to carry and store, keep their freshness for a good amount of time, are fun to eat, taste great and do not come with all t

he baggage of smoking CBD.  No wonder why every CBD company has their own line of gummies.


These Vegan CBD gummies…we love! They come in several flavors such as watermelon, blue raspberry, wild cherry, grape strawberry, green apple, mango, orange, and pineapple. They taste great with no harsh after taste that you sometimes find in lower quality brands. They remain soft even after opening them and melt in your mouth.


All the ingredients are natural (cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, pectin and natural flavors) mixed with their broad spectrum extract. There are about 20 gummies in their 700g bottle.


We were very pleased with the taste and portion size.


CBD Lotion


CBD lotions have become a lot more common over the years. As more and more research has evolved, benefits of CBD lotions have been tied to improving acne, psoriasis and eczema, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy and jaw pain caused by temporomandibular disorder (TMD).



The lotion can provide relief on the surface of the skin and deeper into the tissue.


Thrive Flower’s lotion is a beautiful crisp white. We were impressed by how well the cream was absorbed into the skin without leaving much of a greasy film. The scent is not overpowering but it is clearly noticeable when smelled right out of the jar. However, it dissipates quickly once rubbed into the skin.


In terms of effectiveness, we immediately noticed a hydrating benefit to the cream. Our hands looked healthier and fresh. In terms of the long-term effects of the cream, we were not able to test it long enough to notice any changes around some more severe ailments like eczema and arthritis.


As the brand stands for, each ingredient in the lotion is high quality. It is PH balanced, 100% vegan, paraben free and the lotion is intended for daily use.


CBD Muscle Gel


We were very excited to try the Thrive Flower’s CBD Muscle gel. With our rigorous workout routine, we often find ourselves with sore muscles in the morning and found this to be a great product.


The gel is slightly more liquid than the lotion. It was really the perfect consistency to allow it to soak through the skin and really get into the muscle layer. It dries completely clean so there is no stickiness or oiliness where it was applied. You can feel a slight heating at first which immediately goes away.


The scent is delightful as the ingredients include derivatives from menthol, citronella, grapefruit, cinnamon, juniper berry, Capsicum fruit, chamomiles, and many more. The lingering smell is a citrusy cinnamon which is quite pleasant.


The product is in a beautiful 2 oz container which is easy to bring along in a gym bag. We will be using this product a lot more over the next few months as part of our post workout regimen.


Indoor CBD Flower



Thrive’s Indoor CBD Flowers are produced under strict control to help maximize quality, flavor and cannabinoid and terpene production. These CBD buds are both aromatic and beautiful.


The Strawberry Cake CBD Flower smell has clear notes of sweetness and cheese. Smoking the flower allows for a quick absorption of the CBD into the bloodstream which is then carried right to the brain.  We felt a sense of relaxation and really enjoyed the product overall.


CBD Relief Salve


The Thrive CBD Pain Relief Salve was one of our favorite products. It has a great scent anchored by a hint of lavender. The salve uses beeswax as a base and just glides nicely on the skin as it gets absorbed.


It’s definitely worth trying.


CBD Drops


CBD drops in general are one of the most consumed products. Consumed sublingually (under the tongue) enables the CBD to get into the bloodstream very quickly and at very high potency.


Thrive Flower uses MCT Coconut Oil full spectrum Cannabidiol for maximum benefit. The bottle is tinted to preserve quality and comes with the expected eye dropper for proper dosage.




Summary of Thrive Flower Products


All in all, we were very impressed with the selection, quality and price point of Thrive Flower’s product line.


In a crowded and dynamically segment like CBD it is important to find a company that puts quality above all else. Products that are built to be consumed and help improve health must have a clear focus on the finest of ingredients and much not take testing lightly.


Thrive Flower has shown that quality, safety and affordability are anchors for their brand. They want clients to be customers for life and want to help them improve their health and well-being. We feel Thrive Flower has really nailed it and we are looking forward to watching them grow as a brand.


They are well worth exploring and having them become a part of your daily routine.



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