Book Review for The Marijuana Grow Bible

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Book Review for The Marijuana Grow Bible

By Glen Maree

Robert Bergman has truly outdone himself this time! Themgb Marijuana Grow Bible simply has to be the MOST DEFINITIVE GUIDE EVER for marijuana growers, and marijuana lovers, everywhere.

This invaluable, fully comprehensive and professionally compiled 58 page guide contains everything you need to know, and much more, about growing your own marijuana. It is available as a FREE download at and you’ll get a very pleasant surprise too, because Robert is also kindly giving away his other book, Marijuana Plant Care, for free at the same time.

I’ve read plenty of literature about growing pot, and when I saw someone had decided to name a guide a “Bible”, I had to find out for myself. And impressed is an under-statement. I was completely blown (no pun intended) away!

Robert carefully and thoroughly explains every single aspect of the entire growing process, in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, from germinating and caring for seeds, to harvesting and storing your marijuana buds. Both indoor and outdoor methods are comprehensively covered, and you’ll have all the expert advice you need, at your fingertips.

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Chapter One offers some excellent Before You Start information, including interesting tips and facts about marijuana, marijuana seeds and the different strains of marijuana. Chapters Two and Three cover Indoor and Outdoor Growing respectively, and Chapter Four is all about Harvesting.

You get to learn everything about growing your own, successfully and abundantly! For example, did you know an indoor yield can be as much as 18 ounces per 10 square feet with a 600 watt HPS light? You can do it too and it all depends on the love and care you put into growing your own marijuana.

So I strongly recommend that if you want to grow your own marijuana, be it for medical or recreational use, or even if you simply want to make some money growing, The Marijuana Grow Bible will give you everything you need.

Grab your free copy today at


  • Karen
    October 3, 2014

    The link to download it is broken, I think… When I clicked on your web page it had that “Error Code 606” or something to that effect! Is this even still available?!? Please let me know & thanks in advance

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