Bipartisan Amendment Introduced in National Farm Bill Would Legalize Hemp in U.S.

Hemp legalization in America could come much sooner than people think. We reported recently on the fact that House Majority Leader John Boehner has indicated that he’ll work thempowards ending hemp prohibition, and that such a move could be introduced and approved by being added as an amendment to the national farm bill, which overhauls farming regulations throughout the nation. Now, Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, has introduced such an amendment, which would remove hemp from the U.S. Federal Controlled Substances Act.

“I adopted what I think is a modest position, which is if you can buy it at a store in Oregon, our farmers ought to be able to make some money growing it.”, stated Senator Wyden. The amendment is co-sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnel, Senator Rand Paul, and Senator Jeff Merkley. The measure is also said to be supported by Senator Patrick Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I’m confident that if grassroots support continues to grow and Members of Congress continue to hear from voters then common sense hemp legislation can move through Congress in the near future.”, stated Wydney.

Advocates of legal hemp should be contacting their elected officials, urging them to support the common-sense move of allowing our farmers to cultivate a product that we can already legally purchase in stores.


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