Bill to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Filed in Georgia

Georgia Statelegalizemeyo Senator Curt Thompson has filed a constitutional amendment which would legalize the possession, use and state-licensed distribution of recreational cannabis. The proposal also addresses the medical use of cannabis by allowing patients to purchase the medicine tax-free.

Under Senator Thompson’s proposal, the possession of up to two ounces of cannabis would be legal for those 21 and older. Cannabis retail outlets would be established as a means of safe access to the substance.

“Once you legalize and regulate something, the incentive for the drug cartels and the human traffickers to be involved in it goes away because it becomes a business,” says Senator Thompson.

Taxes placed on cannabis sales would be divided between education and transportation, with medical cannabis being tax-free.

If the proposal is approved by the state’s House and Senate, it will be placed on the November ballot, allowing voters to decide its ultimate fate.

Georgia’s House recently voted 158 to 2 to allow for the possession and use of cannabis extracts for medical purposes, though the qualifying conditions are limited and the oil must contain no more than 5% THC.


4 thoughts on “Bill to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Filed in Georgia”

  1. i have had parkinsons disease for 10 years and no medicine tends to help besides marijuana i lived in a state that was leagalized for the uses of medical pot but i had to move away because i wanted to be with my family in ga and i was to far away.pot is not a harmful substance it is an herb grown in the ground and is a natural herb ment to cure diseases and other illnesses such as pscysophrainia and paranoia ive lived with these types of people and know for a fact that people who say pot causes harm are full of it i on the other hand need it as treatment and to eat better and sleep my head was injured all the way to the sole of my foot and the doctor priscribed me pot for all my problems and it helped.


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