Bill to Legalize Cannabis Filed in Kentucky Senate

kentLegislation to legalize the recreational use of cannabis for those 21 and older has been prefiled for the upcoming legislative session (beginning January) in Kentucky.

The Cannabis Freedom Act (Senate Bill 44), filed by Senator Perry B. Clark, would allow those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of cannabis and cultivate up to five cannabis plants at a private residence. The measure would establish a regulatory a licensing system for cannabis retail outlets and cultivation centers.

“Too many Kentuckians have had their lives stymied with criminal records as a result of nonviolent marijuana convictions. That is wrong,” says Senator Clark. “It is time to stop making criminals out of citizens due to outdated and ridiculous laws concerning cannabis.”

He continues “It is abundantly clear to me that cannabis, while being much less harmful, should be treated the same as alcohol… The Cannabis Freedom Act is an outline on how to tax and regulate the sale of marijuana to adults 21 and older in Kentucky. It is time for this discussion in our Commonwealth.”

The full text of the measure can be found by clicking here.


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