Bill to Allow Medical Cannabis in Schools Passes Colorado Legislature, Governor Plans to Sign

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Bill to Allow Medical Cannabis in Schools Passes Colorado Legislature, Governor Plans to Sign

coloradoLegislation to allow students to use a cannabis medicine at school has cleared Colorado’s House with overwhelming support, and has passed the Senate with unanimous support. The bill now goes to Governor John Hickenlooper; a spokeswoman for the campaign says he plans to soon sign the bill into law.

“We allow children to take all sorts of psychotropic medications, whether it’s Ritalin or opiate painkillers, under supervised circumstances. We should do the same here,” says Representative Jonathan Singer, the bill’s primary sponsor. “Jack’s Amendment will assure that children don’t have to choose between going to school and taking their medicine”.

The amendment was inspired by 14-year-old Colorado boy Jack Splitt, whose personal school nurse was punished for putting a medical cannabis patch on the boy’s arm that was prescribed by doctors to help with his his spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and dystonia. Jack and the nurse were ordered to never to return with the patch again.

Jack’s Amendment would allow parents or caregivers of a student with a physician’s note to come into schools and administer medical cannabis to them in the form of a patch. The strict proposal wouldn’t allow the administration of cannabis in any other form.

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  • Robert Chase
    May 15, 2015

    Complete BS! The article is about SB15-014, a bill attacking constitutional provisions for caregiving. At its last public hearing, one of its sponsors claimed he would introduce an amendment (no one was allowed to see) permitting kids to use cannabis medicinally in schools (schools’ policy derives from considerations of federal law). Here is just one example of prohibitionist disinformation being misrepresented to an audience of people who use cannabis. Get involved and inform yourself, because Prohibition is very far from over — even in Colorado. Singer is the most disgusting panderer in the General Assembly — another Chris Romer — and he has no compunction about exploiting kids with disabilities to further the greed-driven agenda of the State-(mis)regulated system. While the MED fails to enforce its own regulations and permits sales of cannabis far in excess of those allowed by law, the Establishment scapegoats caregivers for diversion out-of-state absent any evidence. I hope that when it becomes clear that “Jack’s Amendment” isn’t going to help Jack, his mom will realize that she was just being used.

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