Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis Introduced in Mexico

Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis Introduced in Mexico

A proposal in Mexico to legalize medical cannabis, to further decriminalize cannabis possession, and to decriminalize cannabis cultivation, was officially introduced yesterday at a press conference in Mexico City.mexico

“Seventy thousand dead, 26,000 disappeared and an incalculable number of internally displaced are more than sufficient reason to look for an alternative model,” says Congressman Fernando Belauzaran of the Party of the Democratic Revolution.

The proposal would modify the Mexican Criminal Code and the Mexican General Health Law, establishing a framework for the production and distribution of cannabis to those with a medical need; the measure would also raise the legal limit of cannabis that any adult can possess from 5 grams, to 30.

In addition, under the proposed law, an individual found growing cannabis wouldn’t be penalized, so long as the plants don’t produce over 300 grams.

Congresswoman Esthela Damian, a supporter of the measure, says that its goal is to ensure “the health and wellbeing of the Mexican people.” She added that they had taken Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s words seriously when he said his government was open to discussion on the issue of legalizing cannabis in October of last year.

“We hope that [Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s] offer to open the debate on this issue was more than just words,” said Damian.

We’ll keep you updated as this proposal moves forward.


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