Bill to Ease Hemp Regulations Passes Colorado Senate Committee Unanimously

Colorado’s Senate Local Government Committee has given unanimous approval to Senate Bill 14-184, a measure to ease regulations regarding industrial hemphemp cultivation, and to establish a hemp research grant program.

Under current Colorado law, an individual who wishes to cultivate hemp must apply for a license with the Department of Agriculture by May 1st of each year; under Senate Bill 14-184, an individual would be allowed to apply for, and receive a license at any point during the year. The measure would also remove a 10-acre restriction on those growing hemp for research or development purposes, and would remove a restriction that hemp farmers must cultivate the plant outdoors, opening the way for greenhouse-grown hemp.

In addition to these changes, the proposal requires the Department of Agriculture to administer an industrial hemp grant program, with the grants going to state institutions of
higher education for hemp research.

– TheJointBlog

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